Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Boom.... Roasted

So, there ya go.

Something most sane people predicted, happened on the biggest stage, with one of the league's most popular teams, on a :00 play to win the game, with a call that was missed three different ways.

And replay was not there to save us.

Debacle. Own it, Goodell. It's your legacy.

This is a forever stain.

That picture above, will be as famous as any photo in NFL history. The blue dress stain on your precious "Shield." Forever.

Possible titles for last night.

"The Golden Taint"
"Lubeless In Seattle"
"Two Refs, One Call"
"The Hose Bowl"

If there were a line to fistfight Roger Goodell, 1890's style, shirtless under an oak tree, how long approximately would that line be?

No matter how much longer this utter farce continues, the NFL has lost.
No matter how much they claw back from their referee pension contributions, the NFL has lost.
No matter how many calls the "regular" refs get wrong in the future, the NFL has lost.
No matter how high the TV ratings are, or overall league revenues remain, the NFL has lost.

The NFL made a bet.

They said referees were a mere commodity, and easily replaceable.

Then, last night happened.

They lost.

You can never undo the travesty that was last night. You can never make people forget how stupid, cheap and schmucky this decision was to lockout the regular referees.

Your clownsuit is ready, Roger.


Come get your whuppin, Goodell!

Here's the Packer's radio call.

Because having a head coach, at home, helping the ref make the TD signal within 3 feet of him, on national TV, is NOT a horrible bit of optics regarding your league's legitimacy. Pete Caroll sucks. Why not just jump into his arms?


  1. I will not watch one more snap of NFL football. NOT......ONE......MORE......SNAP.

    The only way to bring me back as a fan:
    1) Fire/Retire Goodell. Wouldn't hurt to clean up the front office a bit too.
    2) Bring back the real refs. Enough petty BS, just do it. It's called damage control.

    It's sad too, because I used to like watching football. C'est la vie.

  2. Yeah, right, you're going to stop watching football. Someone get a 24/7 camera on Matt so he can show us what a tough guy he is.

    You know what he's gonna do. He'll be on NFL.com tonight venting. Total horseshit.

  3. I mean it, Jimbo. You send the camera, I'll sit in front of it.

  4. No one believes you. All talk, no action. The proof: you're actually spending time arguing about it on a sports talk website. If you really didn't care, if you really were going to quit it all, you wouldn't need to tell anyone. You'd just do it.

    Because ultimately no one cares whether you are going to watch or not. This game, believe it or not, is going to bring MORE people to watch, if only for the train wrecks.

    1. I believe Matt, and I would love to say I'll do the same thing. At this point, I think the only thing that might open the NFL's eyes is lack of viewership, although it simply won't happen. I'm seriously considering boycotting the NFL after all of this.

  5. One more for your list:

    The Fail Mary

  6. Cutler is one player who is happy about this. If INT's are now touchdowns, then his passer rating just shot to the top.

  7. read the rule on two players controlling the ball. Offense gets the nod.

    Pass interference was classic. I have not seen one like since Wild Turkey Bowl 1988.

  8. As a Packer fan, I would so much rather lose* the way the Packers did than win* the way the Seahawks did.

  9. And, not watching will be very easy for this former fan. Don't have a lot of time to watch anyway. Now, I will fish more and play with my daughters more. NFL no better than WWF at this point.

  10. John...Tate never had "control" of the ball. Having a hand on it after someone else catches it is not control. And, Tate should go into politics. To simply lie with a straight face the way he did in the post game interview is a special skill....unless we consider the Costanza effect... "It isn't a lie if you believe it."

  11. Czabe, I think you are confusing your personal feelings with objective analysis. You are so upset at this that you desperately want the NFL to lose. However in my opinion, this will blow over. You say in your post that the NFL has "lost". What have they lost? Money? Popularity? Ratings? Fans? The reality is that the NFL has not lost and will not lose any of these things because of this game. Sure we will all whine and moan about this, but in about 2 or 3 weeks we will have all moved on to something else. Even if the officiating is bad all year we will all continue to watch and root for our teams. Even if this call had been made at the end of the Super Bowl, the NFL wouldn't lose a significant number of fans.

    And for argument's sake - let's say that the NFL has lost something because of this. The second they bring back the regular refs (or if the replacement refs actually get better and the bad calls go away) - all will be forgotten pretty quickly. We will all go back to loving the NFL.

    We are all like heroin addicts who are complaining to the only heroin dealer in the entire world that we don't like the quality of the heroin. Eventually we will learn to make do and be happy with the drugs that we are being given!

  12. "Now, I will fish more and play with my daughters more."

    So before, you would have ignored your daughters. Because the refs made a bad call during a football game, you've now decided it's a priority.

    America 2012, Catch the Fever!!!!

  13. The idiotic comments people make......unreal.

  14. My point is, I will do other things. I don't ignore my daughters. They were asleep from half time on last night. Heck, I didn't even watch the majority of the Packer Super Bowl win because I was playing with my girls. I tried to catch the score here and there. No more. And, the refs didn't just make a bad call. They stole from people who had money on the game. They may in the end cheat the city of Green Bay out of a home playoff game. They may have caused the Bears to lose a tiebreaker to the Seahawks and miss the playoffs. I only watched 2 series in the opener and couldn't watch any further after several missed obvious false starts by the Niners. Only watched couple of series in the Bears Packers game and only watched the second half last night. I did enjoy football. Hard to still enjoy it after the circus it has become. Can play with daughters and watch the game in past too. Have played cards or board games while the Packers were on t.v. at same time. Ever heard of multitasking? You don't know me there Jimbo, and it appears you are commenting about yourself regarding the idiotic comments.

  15. "And, the refs didn't just make a bad call. They stole from people who had money on the game."

    Ah,now get to the root of the problem.

    Stay classy, Jimmy. Try to gamble less and spend more time with your daughters - you'll find it less stressful....

  16. We are all now caught in a moron vortex......

  17. @Jimbo - mock Jimmy all you want, he had a perfectly good explanation and you are coming off worse. Stop trying to read into things others are saying.

  18. I have no problem talking about the NFL. I'm going to continue playing in my Fantasy Football League (begrudgingly; I want to stop because of this crap, but by stopping I am hosing those who I play against).

    I'm not going to do anything that will benefit the NFL. I will not watch the games (they make money off the advertising revenue). Same with the NFL website. I won't buy any NFL merchandise. I really would rather watch the games, I like football. It is a great combination of strategy, skill, and strength. But it only works when it is officiated fairly, and I do not want to support the half-hearted effort the NFL is putting into this. I encourage others to do the same -- if enough people stop watching, they may take notice.

    The problem, Jimbo, is there are plenty of people like you, who clearly don't give a crap, who don't care what the officals do, who just want to watch the world burn. I hope there are more of us (the people who care) than there are of people like you.

  19. Beautiful!


  20. "there are plenty of people like you, who clearly don't give a crap, who don't care what the officals do, who just want to watch the world burn. "

    Watch the world burn....
    Bless your melodramatic heart Matt, I am guilty as charged. I was under the impression that the only thing burning these days were US embassies. Or cancer patients having chemotherapy treatments. Or your festering Herpes outbreaks. I was under the impression THESE were actual burning real life problems.

    I thought football was an escape from those problems. I thought it was just a game. At least that's what I thought. And I thought this just happened to be a bad call in a bad game. Shocker! Never seen that before. Thank God it doesn't happen often.

    And sure, I was disappointed, but my life does go on. And the Packers haven't been eliminated from playoffs yet, so I am under the impression they still get to play 13 more games, minimum. I could be wrong about that. The Packers might just forfeit the rest of the season. My guess is that they're not Nancy Boys like you and your buddy Jimmy and tboner, so they'll move on.

    No, you guys will hold onto this for months, regardless of the final outcome of the season. Because this is the best it will ever get for you. Being a NFL fan is your pinnacle of achievement in this burning world. Because no one believes you will stop watching. The more you insist, the more you're exposed as the fraud you are. You won't stop buying products from advertisers who hawk their goods during NFL games. You'll still go to the NFL.com site to see how your fantasy teams are doing. You will think you have it beat, but 3:00 PM Sunday will roll around and your douchebag act will end because the Saints are in town and you're all out of lotion.

    I'm just exposing y'all to how full of shit you are. There's nothing to be ashamed of. It's football and it's fun. And that's all it needs to be. So get over your fake self-righteous knob act now, you're gonna cave anyway.

  21. @jimbo - did you read my comment? I'm a "nancy boy" for pointing out you read too much into people's comments? Well, with that little conniption, looks like I was spot on. Can you get any more pompous? You are trying to tell us you don't care that much and write an essay like that. Proves Jimmy, Matt and the rest of us aren't the ones full of shit.

  22. You're not exposing anyone, you're clearly ignoring words Jimmy had to go along with what you imply is some sort of admission of ignoring his kids. You even quoted verbatim what he said, and STILL got it wrong, much like the refs last night.

    You're pretending to be Mr Devil's Advocate all around, and all it's coming off as is just another trolling toolbag. You're lucky to have people who care to the extent they do that they can't recognize your trolling for what it is.

  23. Wow Bimbo, er Jimbo, thanks for setting us all straight like a condescending, father figure type we all need in our pathetic sports driven lives. Yes we all looked forward to a Packer game as an escape from the many fires that are going on in the world, and our team got hosed, we spoke our minds/vented, some planned to protest the NFL like many others have said they would do. Yet we still realize the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

    But LUCKILY we all have you to set us straight, and keep us on the righteous path to continually watch football on TV to maintain the ratings the NFL demands and the money stream it feeds upon.

    "Because no one believes you will stop watching."

    No one said they would ban football entirely, they just said they would stop watching it on TV. Following a game through fantasy football is a way around that. One of the main sources of money the NFL gets is through the TV contracts, and the ratings FOX, CBS, NBC, ESPN receive. Besides, there is still the NCAA on Saturdays, and high school on Fridays where the referee quality is probably as good as, if not better than, what is in the NFL right now.

    "You won't stop buying products from advertisers who hawk their goods during NFL games."

    However, if I go out and buy a snickers bar on my home from work, and it just so happens there was an ad on a game somewhere, according you I am sponsoring the NFL even if I said I would no longer watch it on TV (which by the way I thought of doing, but probably won't do since other sports are now coming to an end). I would think that doing something other than spending 3-9 hours watching football on Sundays would hurt the NFL more than trying to cut out all products that may be advertised during the game. Besides, the amount of products that are advertised are almost endless, one would have to revert back to the stone age if they banned all products that were thrown on the TV during a football game, including any cell phone, TV, radio, automobile, etc. Hell, thanks to Peyton Manning, even tapenade is out!

    It does seem however, that you are either still rather bitter about the loss, or just a troll lurking on the internet looking to pick a fight like a teenage loser who has nothing else to do in their life. Heaven forbid anyone voice an opinion, vent some frustration, or throw out any kind of brash/hasty idea around Jimbo, he will ridicule, mock, and trash you with great ease....behind his mother’s skirt called the internet. Sometimes it's just better to let sleeping dogs lie, and fans vent some frustration. Now I will sit back and laugh at your response to this post seeing as how you can never be outdone and need to have the last word. Bring on the insults!!

  24. Ryder Cup starts Friday. No zebras will screw that up.

  25. TRKelly, you are a fucking idiot.

    There I said it in your preferred dialect. Happy?

  26. Wow, if I wanted obviously blown calls by the referees, I'd flip over to WWE RAW or TNA Wrestling.

  27. At least I didn't have to read a paragraph of useless dribble. But like I said, trolling teenager, just trying to pick a fight.

  28. Wow Jimbo...looks like you spent all day here. Impressive. Perhaps if you apply that sticktoitiveness to other areas of your life you could move out of your parents' basement.

  29. The root of the problem here is instant replay. It exists solely TO GET THE CALL RIGHT, yet time and time again it doesn't get the call right. Why does the "that aspect of the play is not reviewable" rule even exist? If you're reviewing the play, review everything about it to ensure it is the correct call.

  30. Ahhh, yes...idiotic comments.

    I do not gamble. I don't play fantasy football. I enjoyed the former NFL. This has just become the football version of WWF wrestling. I like high school and college wrestling, but hate the "pro" wrestling. The NFL isn't quite at that pathetic level of the WWF, but it is close enough for me to quit paying attention. Of course for me to quit is like a guy who only has 1 beer a week to give up drinking. I haven't had the 3-4 hours in a row to watch a complete game for years. I still like the Packers, but really do not like the NFL in general at this time.

    As for the NFL sponsors...I don't need cialis or any of the other ED drugs. Sex life if fine. I don't drink beer or soda. I haven't purchased NFL gear in over 10 years. I already have a car with no intention of ever buying new again.

    And...I didn't say I would start playing with my daughters. I said I would play with them even more. Actually, I took care of both of my favorite things to do yesterday...took my 4 yr old fishing and we caught a limit of bluegills. YUM!!! We had a blast. Guess what we will be doing on Sunday after our family pictures....fishing for bluegills. T.V. might be on at some point, but no football at any time.

  31. Fuck, if anyone thinks the crap being played this season with half-baked referees is any good, is good football, then they're freaking dreaming. The game with the replacements isn't as good. Simple. I'll watch some but I'll know that the game is way-off due to the ref situation. That's kind of the point. Not how fucking loyal you are or aren't to this seemingly pro-league. Just wish the professionals in this professional football league acted as such.

  32. I think that guy's hair is even more fail than the commish...

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