Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dude, You Never Know! The Team Might Just Call You Up For Sunday!

From Drew Magary on today, the DEFINITIVE, "yeah, he's right" article on just WHY men wear football jerseys.
NFL fans walk around in team jerseys all the time, and even though most of them look like schlubs, most of them FEEL better than they do at any other time of the week. In fact, the fatter and more out of shape you are, the more powerful a spell the jersey casts over your ego. Maybe you look like a real player. Maybe the head coach will be in dire need of a running back in the fourth quarter, see you through the TV screen, and summon you out to the field to go rip off the winning 90-yard swing pass. That will never happen, but the jersey is what lets you dream about it, and often the dream is vivid enough to make a decent substitute for reality. Which is good, because in reality you're fat and your team sucks.
I would disagree with, or argue, his points, but I cannot. I only own ONE jersey, the oddball "Czaban 19" Redskins jersey I ordered custom as an inside "joke" of sorts.

The joke? A. My radio partner Andy HATES men who wear jerseys, and SUPER hates those who put their OWN name on it B. Almost NOBODY has worn #19 for the Skins.


  1. What happened to the Atlanta "Ookie" jersey?

  2. It helps me "get there" on game days. Kinda like the wife's rabbit

  3. Btw.... Had to pay extra for that Jersey.