Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Black Hole: As Friendly As Ever!

I would love to see a nice little family of four, with mom in her Sunday church wear, and two little 10 year old nippers, buy Raider tickets in the Black Hole and just see how long they can last in this den of drunken, gang-infested hooligans.

It would be like a TV show: "Survivor: Oakland."

Come on network, execs. Noodle it out, and make it happen.


  1. Nice! Raider Nation working out its problems!

  2. "DA RAIDAS" have not been relevant for a DECADE.

    And yet, clowns like Chris Berman and many of his 4-Letter cohorts INSIST upon covering them as if they were still led by Snake Stabler and Marcus Allen and a pre-Dementia, Al Davis.


  3. What's the controversy? I can't tell you the number of times my girlfriend has hit me with a handcuff on one of her wrists, and I was wearing a sheriff's uniform. Of course, that was in my bedroom, not at the stadium....