Sunday, September 30, 2012

"So Tense You Could Hardly Breathe"

It's not often that you can say: "And I was there..."

Thankfully, yes, thankfully... I can say that about Sunday's epic USA collapse at the Ryder Cup here at Medinah CC outside of Chicago.

I stood on a folding chair, deeply embedded in enemy territory (more on that in a minute) on the International VIP Pavillion just off the 18th green, and watched as Martin Kaymer reclaimed a large chunk of German golfing pride by gutting the tricky 8 footer that eluded countryman Bernhard Langer some 21 years ago at Kiawah.

To say that it was intense, does not do the moment justice.

And that was before I began drowning my partisan USA sorrows in complimentary Crown Royal and diets.

As Steve Stricker and Kaymer came to the 18th green, a collective understanding of the match was shared among everyone huddled together. To say it was intense would be an understatement.

As I stood, I felt my chest tighten. My knees got wobbly (maybe it was the folding chair) and it was so tense you could hardly breathe.

Go ahead. Mock me. That's fine.

Either you play golf, and have had a match at some level and felt the pressure of the game, or you have not.

If you haven't, you just don't understand, and that's okay.

So after Stricker made his 12 footer to put the world on Kaymer's shoulders, I stood witness to the loudest roar of my golfing life. And to think it was the VISITING fans who exploded when Kaymer buried his Langer-esque dance with golfing destiny.

A bitter defeat? Of course. But I root for sporting spectacle, magic, and this great game above all else.

Golf was a huge winner on Sunday. I'm okay with that.


Scott Linn and Y! Sports Affiliate Director Josh Vexler in front of 17th tee.


  1. I am MOST surprised by the fact that you haven't found a way to blame Roger Goodell for this!

  2. we all really know who's to blame for what's wrong in the sports world...

    ..........Steven A. Smith

  3. Awesome pics, Czabe, you're a lucky guy! Too bad about your buddy Jim Furyk tho, yeowch...

    - Stike

  4. Scott Lynn looks like he's wearing his official "Swimming Turn-Watcher" lanyard. Well played, Sir.

  5. I was pretty close to you when Martin made that putt. You could literally feel the air sucked out of Medinah, but it was still amazing to be there. Well written Czabe.