Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"That's A Clown Call, Bro!"

Deadspin is doing flat-out yeoman's work with these overmatched replacement refs.

Of course, Goodell and hit top-hatted bosses with their spectacles will say they are doing a "great job."

Yeah, sure.

"You're doing a heckuva job, Brownie."


  1. I've seen some of the statistical analysis by ESPN and it is silly. About the same number of penalties are being called proves nothing. They could be calling penalties that are not penalties under the regular refs guidelines to inflate the number.

    The biggest issue that I've seen over the weekend is the refs inability to appropriately call pass interference and defensive holding in the secondary. While I think most recievers are crybabies in general about the call; there were numerous missed holding calls by the refs this weekend. There were also some clear offensive PI calls not called - usually on pick plays. Now, they are generally called anyway but the ones were you see WR's hold DBs gets called all the time.

  2. Screw John Harbaugh.

    He called timeout last night in the 4th quarter of a game he LED BY 28 POINTS, just so he could berate, bully and try to intimidate the substitute ref over what was, in fact a CORRECT personal foul call.

    Ladarius Webb lowered his head and DRILLED Andy Dalton in the back. That's a personal foul anyplace, anytime including the Nowheresville High School games that this Zebra normally calls.

    You're a fine NFL coach Johnny, but THAT performance was an absolute HAT TRICK of embarrassing behavior. You embarrassed yourself, your team and your league.

    If I had been that fake referee I would have flagged you for unsportsmanlike conduct and told you to get off the sideline because its "no turds allowed" and I could care less if you cry to the league on Tuesday and demand my job since I'm done as soon as the regular guys settle anyway so piss-off you arrogant S.O.B.

    Oh, and how smart is it to get YOUR QB pancaked in the 4th with a 28 point lead because you're trying to run the score up, Johnny? You're just lucky that THAT Bengal didn't decide to seek revnge for Webb's COWARDLY hit on Dalton by lowering his helment and maybe shattering Joe Flacco Jaw.

  3. AlbertInTuscon:

    Not to mention Johnnys back up QB throws in the endzone with 3 minutes to go in a game they're up 30 and everyone has already hit the exits. I would of taken that QB's legs out if I were a Bengal. And then went to Harbaugh and bitch slapped him.

  4. Isn't there an inherent conflict of interest when all of our most prestigious forms of sports media such as NBC Sports, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, ESPN along with affiliated websites like Grantland, Pro Football Talk, etc., all have some skin in the NFL game? Even SI has Peter King working at NBC along with their exclusive Super Bowl Champions videos deal where you "Lucky fan of the Super Bowl Winning Team" get this video for free with an SI subscription.

    All of these sites should be doing what Deadspin did. Instead, we get articles that say, "Sure, mistakes were made, but at the end of the day, the replacements did a really solid job." Try logging in to Pro Football Talk and make the criticism about the conflict of interest. Your post will be deleted.

    After this weekend, NFL fans should be worked up. I suspect only fans of losing teams are with winning teams fans saying, "yeah, there were some bad calls, but it evened out." At some point with the scabs, every fan will have bad calls or bad non-calls go against their team, and the calls might not directly cost their team the game, but it most certainly will be a contributing factor.

  5. Everyone acts like the regular refs were so beloved. Give me a break. They were making game changing terrible calls on a weekly basis. The press and the fans complained about them constantly. Now all the sudden it's "when do we get back our wise sages?" puuuuhhleeeeezzz

  6. Don't get me wrong, there are SEVRAL "Regular" Zebras I hope never come back, beginning with Ed "Lookit Me, Lookit Me" Hochuli. But John Harbaugh's performance last night was UNnecessary, UNcalled for, UNfortanate and UNwatchable.


  7. jim harbaugh is Sam the Eagle from the Muppets. I'd be scared to be his toilet. or his wife....just sayin.

  8. I completely agree with AlbertInTucson - Harbaugh is a douche plain and simple and the only thing wrong the ref did there was NOT call unsportsmanlike conduct on Harbaugh and/or throw his ass out of the game.

    I also agree with "Unknown" in that if you weren't aware that these refs were replacements none of you clowns would even know the difference. The old refs sucked, the new refs also suck. Likely because of an impossible rule book. In a way I actually prefer the new refs because they seemed to be a little more lenient on pass interference rather than call the ticky-tack contact interference.