Friday, September 7, 2012

Roger Goodell's Bountygate Gets Laid The F*&% Out!

As if I wasn't on enough of a virtual "football high" on this Friday before the 1st weekend of the season, the fact an internal appeals board just pancaked The Ginger Hammer by overturning the player suspensions he labored so long and hard during this off-season to justify.

And according to many, or most, of us, #failed.

Perhaps this is premature, but it feels like this decision was Chuck Bednarik, and Goodell is Frank Gifford.

So enjoy the Snoopy Dance clip to gloat in the Ginger Hammer's face!


  1. So, the moral of the story is what...taking out opposing players is fine and dandy, because the NFL can't do a thing about it? And that's ok with you? That's kind of hypocritical isn't? Weren't you all gnashing your fingers over all the concussion lawsuits? And oh btw, Junior Seau didn't have brain good luck with that lawsuit players. Interestingly enough, we also don't hear that baseball players have a higher suicide rate...where's the concussion going on in that sport on a daily basis? And seeing Mark Chmura a part of this is particularly annoying because if it weren't for football and being a part of a Super Bowl winning team, the average ordinary Mark Chmura may not have gotten away with finger banging some high school chick.

  2. The players union should now file an appeal on THIS and go from that angle, too. Because after all, it was player on player crime.