Tuesday, December 22, 2009

... And To All A Good Night!

Last night’s debacle aside, my Redskins cockles are warm and toasty this Christmas.

Ding dong. Vinny is gone.

Vinny, gone.

(Blink. Blink. Stare.)

I never thought I would see the day. I truly, honestly, never thought Dan Snyder would flush his very own Waylon Smithers. Yet, there he goes.


Vinny Cerrato was the very embodiment of subservient incompetence.

Plain incompetence at least has its own merits. The Michael Scott’s of the world have big plans, and conviction in what they do, and why they do it.

Vinny’s incompetence was born of pure ingratiation to the owner. And it is precisely why he’ll never work in this capacity again in the NFL for anyone else.

I never met Vinny, so I don’t know if he’s a bad person or just a dope. I know this much. He was a small person. He had no ability to see the magnitude of his job title, and to act up to it. His radio show was pathetic and delusional. How can a guy judge football talent, when he can’t even hear how awful he sounds on an interview?

It is bad enough to have to endure that kind of thing from your local elected dog-catcher. But for such incompetence to be foisted upon your beloved football team is another thing altogether.

We’ll never know how much actual say Vinny had on the bad personnel moves over his decade in Ashburn. I bet for many of them, he was nothing but an order taker. “Make it happen, Vinny” said either Danny or (more regrettably) Gibbs.

That’s beside the point. The concept of a guy like Vinny, is now over. Good riddance.

Enter Bruce Allen. Son of our legend. Forget Gibbs. It was Bruce’s daddy who made the Redskins relevant.

Let me say this: a folding chair would have still been an upgrade.

But to get a guy with such credentials as Allen is a genuine thrill. Not only did he excite us with a mere press conference, but I’ve yet to hear somebody make a substantive argument against his skills as an executive.

In his presser, Allen said nothing of substance. But the un-Vinny-ness of it was stark. There were sentences. Complete ones. He made good, simple points. He looked impressive. He looked like somebody worthy of giving operational control of a football team to.

So now, the “search” for a new head coach begins.

Er, I mean, we’ll have to evaluate Zorn… (snicker, chortle!) in these remaining weeks. And then, if… (chortle) we decide to go in another direction, we’ll make sure to follow the Rooney Rule to a comp…


Shanahan’s already done? Signed, sealed? Awaiting delivery?


When did this happen?


LAST January?


Whatever. I’m just tickled. Things are not going to be better any time soon. I don’t want to be told otherwise, either. But it looks like grownups are going to finally get a chance to run the company for a while.

Thank you Santa. It is all that I wanted for Christmas this year.


Sooooo…. About that game last night.

Wheeew! Doozy, huh?

I wonder what happened to that “4th ranked” defense everybody was drooling over earlier this year? Uh huh. Like I’ve said all year, this defense is the most delusionally over-rated pile of “I’m Not Impressed” I’ve ever seen.
Yes. Sack totals are up. Super.

Still no DFT’s. Still can’t get anybody off the field when needed. Still not a disruptive, stifling defense.

And what’s the plan for Haynesworth and Hall now? You have two low character guys, making big guaranteed money for the next two years, and you will be entering a distinct “rebuilding phase.”

Should be fun with these two. Keep your eyes open.

Let it be noted, when the Giants ran roughshod over this defense, it was not in any way hampered by personnel losses. Aside from Griffin and Horton, they had most hands on deck and available. It’s more than many teams have at this time of year.

So looking ahead, in ADDITION to a new quarterback, starting tailback, 3 offensive lineman, we STILL need to address major parts of the defense. Because some of the parts that are currently working (i.e. Carter and Fletcher) are likely to “sunset” as effective players in 2 seasons.

Going for that fake field goal down 24-0 was pure idiocy. Clownish. Too bad the Giants didn’t return it all the way for a touchdown. Of course that play will work a THIRD time this season. Sheesh. If this wasn’t grounds to Fire Zorn(!) at halftime, they I don’t know what is.

Burgundy on burgundy. Great look. Greeaaaate. If you are a high school.


  1. I'm not enthusiastic. The skins always have new personnel every year who are supposed to make a difference. We always end up the same way. Every five years or so we make a wildcard spot and maybe even beat another mediocre wild card team before losing to a real team. The skins have become the Wizards.

    The problem is Snyder has no patience. A year from now there will be talk of Shanahan being fired and our rookie first round QB not panning out. Then Snyder will pay Frank Gore a $10 million dollar signing bonus in the offseason.

    I liked their uniforms last night.

  2. Worst....Monday....Night....Game.....Everrrrr!

  3. Uniforms definitely looked like High School, my girlfriend even noticed that. What ever happened to us always wearing white at home? I am so happy to be rid of Vinny, and cannot wait to dump Zorn and Campbell. We need to blow this team up and start over. Joe Gibbs built most of it and got us a couple of playoff teams out of it, but it's time to go back to the drawing board. Let's start working on that draft pick, it should be fairly high. Wait we didn't trade it away already did we?

  4. Czabe, let's not go an figure that Danny will let Allen do his job. It doesn't look like Allen will even get to select the coach--Danny Boy did that a while ago.

    I am hopeful but Danny has always impressed me with his inventive ways of screwing things up.

  5. Them damn Redskins cost me a perfect 8-team parlay ($416.00), along with two 7-team parlays ($416.00), three 6-team parlays($312.00), & four 5-team parlays ($208.00), for a total of $1,352.00 in potential winnings!

    All they had to do was beat the Giants outright, or at the least, stay within 2 points of the Giants!

    Was that a lot to ask for?

    Apparently it was!

    Bah Humbug!!