Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Midnight Stay of Execution

The BCS just dodged the biggest bullet of it's life.

Which is too bad, because I was really looking forward to seeing how Ari Fleisher was going to spin Alabama vs. TCU.

Hunter Lawrence should be cut in for a nice share of that title game money. Because his sliver close field goal saved a lot of grief for everybody.

For the record, I think picking either Cincinnati or TCU would have been a coin flip. Neither team, despite their unbeaten records, was truly deserving of a title shot. So spare me the lengthy sabermetrics-esque arguments for each.

But let's for a moment, ponder the 1 second which might have ruined a season, and sent Longhorn fans into a mass suicidal depression.

Hey, Mack. What the fuck? No really. What... the... fuck?

You have 15 seconds left. You are well in range for your cash money kicker. You have a timeout. And if not for college football having instant replay, you almost fucked it all up.


That debacle made Les Miles look like a tactical genius.

All that said, thank god we've got a Championship what will be compelling. Sure, Alabama nearly got whacked by otherwise-listless Auburn a week ago. Sure, Texas played nobody, and still almost couldn't tap in their 1-footer for a title shot.

I'm not saying these two teams are the best. I'm just saying it's right.


What can you say about Alabama laying the wood to Florida? They showed a stat about what happens when Nick Saban gets a second crack at a team's he's lost to before. It ain't pretty for them.

That was domination.

'Bama made Florida look like a one-dimensional, disorganized mess. And Ingrahm is one helluva a stud. Kudos too to Greg McElroy, whom I slandered liberally on my show Friday. No, he does not suck. He played awesome. Props.

Play after play, McElroy kept the Tide rollin'. His hop-scotch sideline run was so good, it looked literally impossible. Only on replay, did we see how the trick was done. Amazing.

A few other thoughts...

-Why didn't Urban Meyer just start Carlos Dunlap anyway? Not like people would think any less of him. Nobody likes him, outside of Gator Nation, so just suspend Dunlap for next year's opener.

I googled up that website on Tebow's eyeblack: “John 16:33”. Got a "page not found." Could it be a .net, or .biz? Help me out here.

I think Florida committed a karmic foul by wearing the alt-logo “F” uniform in a title game. You don't wear alternates in a championship game. Or any playoff game. Period. Just me.

I loved how TV made sure to show the “Tim Tebow in a circle rallying the troops” moment in this game. I've now seen that vignette about 6 different times. Its nearly as played as the “Ray Lewis doing his pre-game sideline dance” vignette.

Best line of the week, from a texter to my Fox Sports Radio national show. “Czabe, do you think the refs in the SEC title game should take the day off? I mean, they worked so hard for it all year.” Nice.


Finally, did you see the dude who LOST the Dr. Pepper “throw it in the giant can” challenge to a GIRL! Crikey. He should just take his testicles, lop them off with garden shears, and flush them down the toilet. Seriously. Dude, don't leave the house for like a month.


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