Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Like A Lion Taking Down A Wildebeast!

I mentioned a while back, a few totally "awwwwsssoommmeeeee" highlights. Well, I got many requests for posted video, and I finally got off my lazy ass to find them. So enjoy.

From the NFL, I was all Lady Ga-Ga over a sack by the Chiefs Derrick Johnson of Big Ben. Johnson hurdles Mwelde Moore, and then latches on without letting go like a lion on the back of a wildebeast. Sadly, I believe the play was called back due to a penalty. Boo.

Click here for the NFL Films video of the whole game, then fast forward to 4:55 in. You'll see it there. If somebody has a YouTube embeddable hi-lite of this play, shoot it my way.

Then this one is super-frosh-stud Ryan Williams of Virginia Tech. This kid racked up 1,538 yards on the ground with 19 - NINETEEN! - touchdowns. All that, plus check out him dogsledding a hapless defender almost 10 yards into the end zone.


The NFL Pro Bowl allows fans to vote. This is a good thing. Because even though many fans are just as biased and myopic as writers, at least you can make a ballot of guys who you think deserve the nod.

That said, let's once and for all stop putting so much stock into making the Pro Bowl as any kind of "indicator" of a player's talent. "Oh, well, he's a 3-time Pro Bowler!" Well, la-di-da! Here's why.

London Fletcher is a one-man wrecking crew for my Redskins. He's awesome. A sideline to sideline, hole-crushing middle linebacker. He leads the DECADE in the NFL in tackling, can run with not just TE's downfield, but even WR's, and he hasn't missed a start in 188 consecutive games! Aside from kickers and specialists, it's the 3rd longest current streak in the league!

London Fletcher has never made the Pro Bowl.

Yeah, makes sense. So let's not throw around "Pro Bowls" as any kind of metric for excellence. It's a nice bonus for the player. But that's about it.