Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kill The Kicker

Well, then. That sure felt great!

We cut our stupid, bootlicking, chippie-shanking, idiot of a kicker.

Then, promptly got another one.

Aren't we smart?

Look, I don't want to sound like Shaun Suisham's personal defense attorney. I know that he missed a short one in Dallas, along with a 51 yarder after that. And the 23 yard GACK! against the Saints was truly horrific.

But let's just look at this rationally. Did we upgrade at that position with this move?


Simply, no. We took out a guy who had been perfect this year until the Dallas game, and replaced him with a dude fresh out of the 4-team punchline league UFL.

Here's a better question. If the Redskins were 6-6 right now, would you really cut Suisham out of spite?

I wouldn't.

Even if this guy Graham Gano proves perfect in the short term, I would feel much better with a 3 year NFL veteran who has missed a few as of late.

Plus, how come nobody wants to hang the bulk of the blame on Jim Zorn's constant and inexplicable timidity? Or the fact that LaRon Landry made TWO mistakes of roughly the same egregiousness, and it cost the Skins 14 POINTS!

Zorn runs Rock Cartwright three times on 1st and goal at the 4 yard line. He only manages to force the Saints to call ONE of their final two timeouts, and he STILL doesn't center the football between the hashes.

But screw all that! Let's FIRE THE KICKER! Yeaaahhhhhhh!!!!

Anybody can do this. It takes no particular skill. And it feels good for about an hour. But does it make sense?

Not to me.


  1. Thank goodness we got rid of Akers. Kickers are a dime a dozen.

  2. I agree it was an overreaction. The skins are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Why not keep the kicker and see if he turns things around? What do they have to lose?

    This is typical of this organization. Make a quick decision without thinking it through.

    Snyder has made a mess of the Jason Campbell situation. The teams best option, by far, is to re-sign Campbell. They will have to give him a better offer than everyone else to have any hope of keeping him. Jason will probably delay his decision as long as possible, if for no other reason than to get back at Snyder. Snyder will act like an impatient 5 year old and offer him $50 million guaranteed.

  3. Sure, anything to bash the organization. Give it a rest, Czabe. Suisham was awful last year and now he's been awful this year when games have been on the line. Save your crocodile tears.

  4. Czabe,
    If he can't be trusted to make a 23 yarder then how can you trust him to make a 42 yarder when it couunts? Andy is right. Kickers are like grapes. When they go bad you need to get rid of them.