Monday, February 27, 2012

The Broke Stars

Reader Jeremy Floam suggests a better idea for the NBA's All-Star Weekend.

$12 million to the winning team. Win, and get out of debt. Lose, and go back to scraping by trying to play for a team in Turkey.

I like it. I think it would produce some - ahem - SPIRITED competition. Problem is, the winners would likely blow their cash before they got to the bank with the check.

EAST BROKE STARS Career Earnings
PG Anderson, Kenny $60 million
SG Iverson, Allen $200 million
SF Walker, Antoine $110 million
PF Baker, Vin $86 million
C Coleman, Derrick $87 million
RES Owens, Terrell $80 million
Coach Mahorn, Rick $8 million
WEST BROKE STARS Career Earnings
PG Robinson, Rumeal $5 million
SG Rider, Isiah $26 million
SF Sprewell, Latrelle $100 million
PF Pippen, Scottie $120 million
C Kemp, Shawn $92 million
RES Caffey, Jason $29 million
Coach Swoopes, Cheryl $50 million

Meanwhile, examines just how a guy like Iverson - a MEGA-STAR - with both massive on-court and off-court income, could somehow be so broke before the age of 40. 

It's not a new story, athletes going belly up. But it's an instructive one, to say the least.

It reminds me a bit of when Michael Scott "declared" bankruptcy.

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  1. My favorite line in the article "the Forbes education writer in me can’t help but place at least some responsibility for his financial mess on the man himself."

    Makes me think this education writer should go back to school. Some responsibility? Just some? It is an attitude like that that allows athletes to earn a lot of money and blow it again and again and again. Ten years from now this article will be written again with someone else's name in the lead.