Monday, February 13, 2012

Tiger's Game Still Drifting In The Wind

Remember when you couldn't swing a dead cat around Tiger Woods and NOT hit new swing guru Sean Foley?

Well, these days, I haven't seen Foley much, if at all. Maybe there are good reasons. Maybe Tiger is quietly getting away from publicly praising how this fraud has managed to re-build - better, stronger, faster! - a swing that never needed rebuilding.

I know this much. If Tiger's swing is so good now, how come I got so many pictures of clubs flying out of his hands this weekend? And this is when he's playing WELL! Maybe Tiger can get some straps for those clubs, kinda like ski poles.

Meanwhile, the BEST shot of the weekend, came on the Sr. Circuit when Corey Pavin got up and down from a POTHOLE.


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  1. BLAH BLAH BLAH....Where are the god damn snickies??