Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI Photo Log

Because a) you saw the game too, and b) a picture tells a thousand words, here's all you need on a Monday. That, plus I'm taking a nap today to recover from hosting a party at my house and having a few too many "Bud Light Platinums" with the turbo-charged 6% ABV!


  1. Not one picture of Eli? The real star of the game? Eli Manning is now officially better than his brother Peyton by winning two rings when it mattered most. Only one pic of Manningham in the clutch moment of the game is present.

    Bill's dour "do I have to shake hands with him?" expression is priceless.

    All the buzz is on Gisele ripping her Tommy's teammates and "what will Tom Brady do now?" Since when did tabloid-style reporting begin to diffuse into sports reporting?

    The era of New England is over. They barely squeaked by Baltimore with a missed FG.

    This is Eli's moment.

    One more note: I would love to hear your former colleague Ben Maller try, try to lump him as a "punk" after his Hall of Fame postseason performance and make it stick. Remember when he famously ripped Eli for two weeks four years ago only to get served Crow on a Stick.

  2. Yo Sam Martin,
    I am not a Patriots fan. You say they were lucky to be in the SB?? Dude, did you watch the NFC Champ. game or do you have dementia?? K. Williams single handedly gave the Giants 10 point, albeit 3 gift wrapped in OT.

    The Giants lost 7 games this year, they fumbled
    three times yet there was some Giant standing there to miraciliously flop on the ball all three times and if Welker makes that catch I don't have to see Flav a Flav schucking and jiving with Deion and Co.

    They got hot at the right time and had a hell of alot of breaks come their way.

  3. Sam: It's not enough that the Giants win? You have to complain that someone didn't post the right pictures, or enough pictures, or whatever the hell it is you're upset about? Get bent, douchebag.

  4. The Eli is better than Peyton talk is utterly absurd.

    Let me put it this way: if A)Tyree fails to trap the ball on his helmet; B)Reggie Wayne breaks his post route off a step earlier as he was supposed to; or C)Wes Welker catches the ball - does any sane person make that claim? If the 49ers don't pull out a miraculous comeback against the Saints or Williams doesn't muff or fumble two punts, are the Giants even playing in this game?

    None of those things have anything to do with Eli. I like Eli. I'm happy for him and glad to see him finally get some just praise. However, only an idiot would seriously claim that he is a better QB than his brother.

  5. Lots of Eli haters in the house. Nobody saying anything about why Czabe's boyfriend Tom Bundchen couldn't hit Welker when he was wide open.

    And yes, the idea that it was somehow Welker's fault is an argument only a bitch would make. He was wide open and Gisele couldn't even throw it to correct shoulder. What a joke, hope he never makes it back.

  6. The man in the Pats Jersey isn't upset his team lost. He finally realized how stupid his iPhone case looks. What a h@*o!

  7. First off, Giants are a good team and Eli is a good quarterback. You don't make it to the Super Bowl and win it without being good.

    However, I do agree, their opponents provided them with plenty of help. I'll add to the above observations with how many dropped balls did Green Bay commit? Seven or eight? If they catch six of those, then that becomes a completely different game. Or, how about the Cowboys game in Week 14 that started their run?

    Still though, the Giants took advantage of all the opportunities. Good for them!