Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Seen Everything Now..." Moments in Sports

A full on NASCAR wreck between a racecar and a jet-powered track drier and 200 gallons of flammable jet fuel?


Because nobody was hurt, thankfully. 

That was one of those "Seen Everything" moments in sports, where you simply mutter: "Now, I have seen everything."

Here's a few others that come to mind...

Terrell Owens, pulling a sharpie out of his sock to autograph a freshly baked touchdown, right out of the end zone oven. Granted, today, this celebration seems "mild" compared to some of the stunts NFL wideouts would like to pull, if not for the heavy hand of Roger Goodell. But remember at the time, it was nothing short of jaw dropping and ground breaking. He did what?!?! He also did a bunch of other crap (like the whole Dallas star game) but the sock-smuggled Sharpie was the first, and best!

Who can forget so called "Fan Man" dropping in on the Bowe-Holyfield fight.

Randy Johnson vaporizing a poor dove that just happened to be in the wrong spot, at the exactly wrong time!

And then if you are squeamish, you better skip this one. A soccer player lost his finger on a fence, because his wedding ring got caught on it. Are you sure you want to see this? You sure? Okay...


  1. How many NASCAR drivers does it take to wreck a jet dryer?

    Just Juan!

  2. Tyson trying out Holyfield's ear as a mid-fight snack comes to mind as well.

  3. One-named, injury-faking, greasy-mulleted soccer guy showing off his severed digit. Great. This is the same sport that has featured the Zyklon shoe from Umbro...Google Zyklon...

    They should mix soccer with bullfighting...now we're talking serious entertainment.

    But you left off one, Steve...this