Thursday, February 23, 2012

You Can Call Her "Tough", Too

Look, I goof on Danica Patrick as much as the next guy. I give her crap about how she said she would prefer to be called "pretty" and not "sexy".


I don't pretend to know enough about auto racing, to say whether she's "good" or "mediocre" or a complete fraud of a driver.

I know she's a tough woman. Tough enough to take a bump like this, and climb out of the car, and be ready to race again on Sunday in a brand new rig she knows virtually nothing about.

Hell, she's mentally tough to put up with all the crap that goes with her aggressive marketing in a boys game, that breeds resentment and behind-the-back whispers.

Maybe she's not ready for driving these cumbersome taxi cabs at 200 mph. I don't know.

I know that after this, however, my respect for her has grown just a bit.


  1. Baby she can drive my car....I dig the idea that she can play with the big boys and doesn't have to lose her femininity. You go girl...well, OK that was too much, but she does remind me of the girl next door who could play ball as good as the guys and then grew up to be all lady too. The best of both worlds - I'm not into the silly Go Daddy shtick, but I think its mostly tongue in pun intended...or maybe it was.

  2. Can't stand the b!tch myself but, yeah, kudos to her for takin a hit like that and climbing right back in. Even in the "Safer" car, that was one hell of a wallop.

  3. Czabe, I know you say you don't know enough about NASCAR to comment on Danica's ability...Well here is all you need to know and I know you can relate. Danica is NASCAR's equivalent to Michelle Wie. She has done nothing to earn her notoriety and spot that she has been given in both the Nationwide and Sprint Cup Series except to be a semi-hot female. She won one race in IndyCar in a limited driver field and by getting the best gas mileage at the end of the race. I predict she never wins a race in either series and in three years she will nothing but a memory.

  4. ^^ That dude is gayer than two guys kissing ^^

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  6. Meh...she doesn't do it for me. I can't get that image of her stomping her feet like a little kid a few years back when she was knocked out of a race.