Thursday, February 2, 2012

Even 200,000 Person Waiting Lists Need Marketing Videos

Poor guy. Looks like he's making a hostage video.

"Hey, it's Mike Shanahan! They told me to hold this football up, and just ignore the AK-47 pointed at me off camera. Come on out, and enjoy some exciting Redskin football this fall! Especially, if we overpay to move up and get RG III, or do the utterly predictable and sign a crippled Peyton Manning. Call below for tickets!"



  1. those eyebrows....they are hypnotizing.

  2. Czabe,
    Granted Rex and Beck were horrible, but I don't believe that either of the Shanahai (not sure of the proper spelling)thought that they were the answer. Now you're critcizing going after RGIII or Manning. I've heard a lot of "what won't work". What should the Redskins do for a QB? I hear Jeff George is looking for a job again.