Thursday, December 6, 2012

Army v. Navy: Nothing Like It In Sports

If you missed last year's incredibly told, thoroughly researched, and beautifully filmed documentary "A Game of Honor" you are in luck.

1. It will be shown again this year on Showtime. Tonight on Showtime Extreme, and then through the weekend on regular Showtime.

2. There's a lovely little morsel snack preview above, by the incredible filmmakers "Stillmotion."

3. You can buy the DVD at Wal-Mart. (Standard DEF only. Boo!)

As you were.... slovely couch fan. Let's all try to at least ASPIRE to the commitment and honor these young men (and women) display at our service academies.



  1. One of the best rivalry games in all of sports.
    Beat Army!

  2. Steve,

    All I can say is thank you. You always honor those that need to be honored...most just see it just as a rivalry, you see it as it really is, the best that America has to offer on display, for all of us to see.


    Captain John E. Hill, USAF Reserve

  3. I always list this as my favorite and best rivalry. Although not the significance it once was, it is the most important rivalry we have.....

    I will be there for the first time on Saturday.... I am so excited to be at this event and share it with my family....

    GO NAVY!!! BEAT ARMY!!!!

  4. Watched it again last evening...must see tv.

  5. Thanks for the nod, Steve...

    Here we go, NAVY, here go!!
    Go NAVY! Beat ARMY!

    Matthew Feeney (former LT USN)
    USNA Class of 1993

  6. I remember the quote but can't remember who said it about playing football at a service academy:

    "Football Practice is the easiest part of their day"