Sunday, December 2, 2012

The NFL Does Not Cancel Games

Like, ever. Basically.

By my count... the only cancelled NFL games in my lifetime have been after 9/11, that snowstorm game in Philly in 2010 that got played on Tuesday night, Hurricane Katrina and the wildfire game between the Chargers and Cardinals.

In the latter cases, they just moved the game instead of cancelling.

So when people this weekend were tweeting about how come the NFL hasn't CANCELLED the Chiefs-Panthers game, I just had to laugh. Not happening. And it won't bring anybody back to life, or prove how sensitive you are, to anything.

So here come the easy columns about the NFL selling/losing it's soul.


The NFL is a business that's only open for a few days a week, a few months a year. This was a close call. Had it been a coach or another player murdered, the "store" might have been closed.

I could have gone either way on this one. If the NFL is fine with games in London, games on 4 days rest, games with extra needless overtime, games that end in ties.... well, they could have just called this one a tie. Wouldn't have messed up anybody's playoff picture.

Just don't say "that's what (insert person) would have wanted" or "it will at least provide some welcome distraction."

Aside from the genuine tragedy of a football player murdering his girlfriend in cold blood, the second worst thing was watching media members on Twitter trying to outdo each other on the concern-o-meter.

Third worst was watching all the hushed tones by announcers asking questions to experts/analysts.

Fourth worst was watching TV types do the whole "I am fighting off choking up right now, I am so disturbed by this tragedy" thing.

Give it a rest.

I don't know the number of murder-suicides in American on an annual basis, but given the NFL's workforce of 1500+ players (and who knows how many coaches and front office personnel) it was bound to happen - eventually.

And I don't particularly care to know more about Javon Belcher.

He blasted his girlfriend and baby-momma to death in front of her mother.

I know enough.

Everything that happened after that, doesn't much register much with me one way or another.

"Oh, he killed himself too?" Fine.

I understand there is a possible - POSSIBLE - mental health issue here. Mental health issues quite often lead to tragic murders, followed by suicide. Either by grief, shock, or by plan.

But we don't know that right now, and we may never.

He might have just been a pissed off NFL player, sleep deprived, and shaking off a hangover.

I heard a few anecdotal tales of how much he had "loved" his 3 month old child prior to this episode. I mean, really. Really?

And did you see what was Belcher's major in college?

A: "Child Development and Family Relations."

I shit you not.


  1. The show must go on. And they won.

    Belcher whacked his girlfriend, then drives to the stadium in his Bentley, goes up to his bosses, thanks them and whacks himself in front of them.

    I find it hard as Greek Arithmetic to feel sorry for this dead murderer who left a baby orphaned. Fuck him.

    As for the so-called "columnists" who found fool's gold in gravy training off of this horrible story, the most obvious offender is no other than Jeff George's fan boy Jason Whitlock who not only lamented about playing the game at all, but also had to get his digs at our 2nd Amendment rights.

    When I frequented the KC Star website, I had to put up with his sophomoric takes on just about everything, and his running gag concerning his High School friend, later turned epic draft bust Jeff George nauseating.

    The phony, feigned sadness is about as genuine as a someone being "thrilled" about the fruitcake they got at their workplace Christmas party. Just thrilled.

  2. BUT he did it because of concussions in the NFL. Players should sue.

  3. "And did you see what was Belcher's major in college? A: "Child Development and Family Relations." I shit you not."

    Oh for crying out loud, how am I not surprised.

  4. "And did you see what was Belcher's major in college? A: "Child Development and Family Relations."

    He must have missed the class where the professor talked about not killing your baby-mamma and leaving the child an orphan.

  5. eff" belchar. he did the state of kansas a favor and saved them alot of money not having to support his sorry ass the rest of his life.

    he loved his child?

    couldn't of said it better czabe!!!

  6. Why cancel a game for a freaking nutjob? One loser killing himself and another doesn't stop the train in New York, the bus in L.A. nor a football game by which THOUSANDS are interested. Give me a break. This story should've been reserved for page 8 on the local paper, yet we make it a massive deal because he played football?

    Imagine how many other families lose loved ones to their crazy ass boy/girlfriends and get nary a peep on the news.

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