Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Les Grossman And the Mother of all GFY's!

We all have movie "blind spots" where a somewhat popular, maybe cult-classic, movie escapes our radar screen. Not only have we never seen it, but maybe never heard of it.

Well, these scene from Tropic Thunder - a DEFINITELY NSFW clip - is an all-timer. The whole movie is also chock full of very good, highly politically incorrect humor, providing you are not easily offended.

I say have this clip handy, anytime something at work, or in life, has you on the "Les Grossman edge" and imagine yourself actually pulling this off in real life.

But don't pull it off in real life. It does not work.


  1. I take it the PC crowd in the radio division of the four letter cable channel in the woods has got you a little irritated?

  2. Hang in there Steve. I support you and Andy and have let the station and ESPN know how cowardly I think their actions are. "Intolerance will not be tolerated"...... Do they not see the hypocrisy in that idiotic statement?

  3. some sight had the story about czabe's outrageous behavior and left this comment

    "they should be sent to a re-education camp"