Thursday, December 20, 2012

CzabeVegas 2013 Is Officially: ON! March 21st, 22nd!

Here we go, folks!

"Come on and watch some... BAS-ket-BALL!"

We will be at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for Year 4 of "CzabeVegas". What is "CzabeVegas?" Well, it's just good ol' fashioned hanging out, watching tons of the tournament, gambling our stupid semi-drunken faces off, and for me, it's also getting up way too damn early to play the first golf of the season.

Now would I just say to you, my loyal fans, readers and listeners: "Hey, make your own arrangments, and maybe we'll bump into each other while we are out there?"

Hell no!

I have secured once again, a special "Czabe Rate" for my listeners only at a first-class venue like The Hard Rock. Forget slumming it at Circus Circus. The rate for this year is even LOWER than last year! We're talking a mere $59 per night on Thursday, and $129 per night on Friday and Saturday.

So if you split the room with a buddy, we're talking no more than 3 bad hands of blackjack for a first class place to sleep off your hangover!

I have secured the awesome "Ainsworth" bar area to watch the games as a group, so you won't be craning your neck trying to look over 50 dudes to see the games. You don't have to join us in the VIP area for the games, but if you do it's just $40 and you get two-drinks, a t-shirt, and a shotglass to take home with you!

You don't have to stay at the Hard Rock either, to get a ticket to the VIP viewing party on Thursday and/or Friday. But I will give priority to those who do book at least one night at our "base" hotel.

My buddy and broadcast partner Scott Linn is "scheduled to appear" as they say, and I am trying to get Solly and Galdi from the morning show to join me. Stay tuned on that!

Last year, we had a great time, and a great group. I got to meet many listeners, their wives, girlfriends, and drunken college roomates, from all over the country - as far away as New York to Miami, Phoenix to Seattle.

The best moment however, came out of seemingly a completely busted ticket.

The 10th seeded Xavier Musketeers were rollin'. There they stood on that Friday night, with a chance to upset (what I and others thought was) a flawed #3 seeded Baylor team, and advance to the Final Four.

Xavier was GETTING six points.

Lock. Unload.

I jump in for $100. Let's go, X!

Well, Baylor opened the game by punching Xavier in the nuts, kneeing them in the face, and then curbstomping their head to the tune of a 20-4 opening salvo.


So much of the room that also had Xavier (plus-6) simply turned to their drinks and conversation, and had mentally wrote-off the ticket as a sure loser.

But then, a funny thing happened. I happened to notice a few of my boyz from the "Richmond Mafia" cheering loudly at every Xavier basket. Even though they were down 17 and drowning!

Son of a bitch, I thought. These guys are not going quietly. So fuck it. Neither. Am. I. Gimme a beer, lemme pull up a chair.

We started to nurse Xavier - and our seemingly worthless tickets - back to health, basket by basket. It was agonizing. Xavier was hanging in. And hanging in. And so were we.

Cut to the final 1:41. Xavier is down TWELVE.

We're done.



The hell.... we... are.

Turnover. Three. Baylor miss. Stupid foul. Timeout. Scratch. Claw. COME ON XAVIER!

Tu Holloway takes an easy layup with :12 left! Margin is THREE! We've got a shot!
Brady Heslip, who nearly choked out our winning Xavier +6 tickets.
Then, this punk-ass white-boy, Brady Heslip - Baylor's 3-point and free throw specialist starts to choke us out. Free throw, Heslip. Free throw, Heslip. Free throw, Heslip. Free throw, Heslip.

Margin is now FIVE.

We are right on the edge of the spread. We've battled for 2 hours on this stupid game. We are dying.

Holloway jacks a three for Xavier with :05 left. GO IN! Fuck. Clang.

Rebound: Heslip. Yes... fucking HESLIP!


Yet with the game sitting at a 5 point spread, and :02 left, miraculously somehow, Xavier decides to pack it in.

They do not foul Heslip.


Baylor 75 - Xavier 70.

And then... this....


  1. I will not miss this even if the world ends tomorrow.

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  2. I would love to go but first I have to be certain that I get to hang with the guy in the first picture who still thinks it 1985 with shirt half undone. That dude has epic written all over him.

  3. Tiffany and I attended last year (that is us in second picture with Czabe) and are pumped up about going again. We are challenging the two Chris's from Wisconsin to a drinking match (at least she is LOL).