Wednesday, December 5, 2012

This Story Is Not Getting Any Better.... At All...

The Javon Belcher baby-momma-murder story is getting worse and more stupid by the day. Here's what Belcher was texting to a former teammate the night before he plunged so many lives into hell with his idiocy.
That same night, Belcher exchanged text messages with former University of Maine teammate Reggie Paramoure, according to Sports Illustrated. 
“I see y’all boys aint doing too well,” Paramoure said about the Chiefs’ record. “Wats goen on wit u besides ball.” 
“Our ‘o’ can’t even put 7 in the board for us, but everything good bro, baby momma crazy but I have a little girl almost 3 month man and she’s a blessing, she makes me smile on the worst day,” Belcher responded 
“Daughter!” Paramoure texted back, then cracked that Belcher would need a gun to fend off her future suitors. 
“Yea man,” Belcher answered, “I got about 8 guns now, from hand Gunz to assault rifles for her little bf’s.” 
The previous week’s game had been the first this season that Belcher didn’t start.
“Just trying to stay on the field and get this new contract, but this losing s--t ain’t helping,” Belcher wrote to his friend, the magazine said. 
You have to wonder how a guy could become so "disconnected" from real life, and the concept of life and death like this. I mean, life is not a video game. It's not a reality show. Just unbelieveable.

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