Friday, April 12, 2013

Augusta Changes Through The Years

There is no such thing as the "brilliance of the original design" of Augusta National.

That does not mean that Alistair McKenzie wasn't brilliant.

He was.

But here's the best interactive look at just how much this course we all love has changed since Bobby Jones conjured it up out of an old Georgia nursery.

Not only is modern agronomy able to create greens that roll at stomach knotting speeds, but the trees have grown up, and many many many more have been planted.

Bunkers have been added. Taken out. Moved. Re-shaped.

Rae's Creek was once a muddy, weed filled trickle, not the pristine quasi-pond it is now.

There is now a light fluffy cut of "rough" bordering the fairways.

Everything is different. Everywhere.

So just remember this, if you hear a pundit say something about how this was the Jones/McKenzie vision, realize they are full of shit.

Those men would hardly recognize the place if they were alive today.

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