Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Least Exciting Sports Video You'll See All Year

So this is where we are now in sports, society, and life.

The NFL.. the most popular powerful league in American sports...
... whose teams already know exactly WHO they are playing next year...
... and know which games are at home and which are on the road

... somehow still felt obligated to release a new social-media "video tweet" from their official spokesman that looked like...


....just so you know... they are "working on" finishing the exact schedule.

Now I understand that a league releasing it's schedule is like Christmas for some of you. Especially the NFL, where you plan to travel to certain cities to see your favorite team in person months in advance.

That said.... it's absurd.

But then again, this league continues to impress with decisions that re-write the notion of "absurd."

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