Thursday, April 25, 2013

Czabe's 10 Simple Rules For Not Completely Screwing Up The NFL Draft

Springtime at Yohoonye Field. Pads installed on goalposts. Need to replace wind streamers which fell off.

Czabe's 10 Simple NFL Draft Rules

1. Calm Down. There's Another One of these Next Year
2. Forget Your "Needs". You Need Everything. Everybody does.
3. Never move up to get a specific player beyond 1st round. You aren't that smart.
4. Every great player in the NFL, was once a draft pick. Get more picks.
5. Never draft a punter.
6. WR's are toys. Caution.
7. Nobody every said: "Damn.. wish we didn't take that extra offensive lineman."
8. If you draft a QB in the first round, the days of bringing him along slowly are over.
9. It's okay to draft criminals/idiots, as long as they play defense.
10. SEC wins all tiebreakers

And lastly, remember this: if the pundits said you had a bad draft.. you probably had a GREAT draft. The pundits are idiots. If you got a good "grade" from them, chances are you'll be back at the top of this picking order again next spring.

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  1. the nfl draft has the highest hype/talk to consumable product ratio in all of sports. but i can't wait to read all the 'draft grades' that come out on monday...

    btw, beautiful job with Yohoonye Field.