Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-basketball... gimme-gimme-gimme-the-ball... cause-I'm-gonna-DUNK-IT!!

I went looking on all the major sports websites for a simple NBA playoff "bracket".. and damn if it didn't look like a conspiracy to make sure any "bracket" style presentation of the upcoming LeBron coronation NBA playoffs were either non-existent, or completely buried on some deep inner page.

Solly and Scotty chided me saying I should just Google-searched "NBA Playoff Bracket" and I would have had it in 1.3976 seconds or less.

I said, why should I have to Google search it? Shouldn't a bracket be like bread and milk at the grocery store? Right where you know they always are? You don't have to ask the grocery store "where's the milk" and then have them say... "oh, sure, we keep it hidden here behind the counter in a separate fridge."


So thankfully, this Print Your Brackets website whipped one up.

I've got Milwaukee-Atlanta in the east, and Memphis-Golden State in the west.

Then I've got David Stern shoving his head into a wood chipper.

Let the fun begin!


  1. Sue the Bastards! Complete rip of the same idea "Come On and Watch Some Basketball" and nothing in those lyrics as clever as "Coach K is Gay, Duke really sucks".

  2. At 0:12 of the Saturday Night Live video, NBC edited the actual SNL live performance. I was watching on TV when they aired this, and the girl in the purple was slow to make her entrance and there was like a 2-3 second very awkward pause. That's kind of weird that they edit this live show for the videos they put online.

    This is why they don't let you post SNL on youtube or elsewhere... they want to maintain control over what actually happened, and edit it to make it look like whatever they want you to see. They are rewriting history to match the version of events that the corporations and the government want you to consume. And just keep consuming, keep believing what they want you to believe, keep buying what they want you to buy, just vegetate there on the couch like the veal that you are. If they can do it with SNL, they can do it with Afghanistan, 9-11, the moon landing, JFK assassination -- whatever they want. You thought The Matrix was a good movie? This IS the matrix, and your couch is your little pod that you spend your life in, while the big wigs that hold the controls keep you fat and content and compliant. Feed on little piggies, feed on.

    Just kidding. They did edit the video though.

    (Also, they copied off the original incarnation of this... Bill Murray on SNL singing: "Star Waaaars, nothing but Staaarrrr Waaaarrrss, they could be Ouuuurrrrr Waaaarrrrsssss, Won;t you let the Star Wars Staaaayyyyy...")

  3. Jason Sudekis is a hack. Not surprised they stole this skit. But then again, I've seen a ton of commercials over the years that were essentially ripoffs of SNL skits.