Tuesday, April 23, 2013

If You Join Us In Pinehurst, I Guarantee Your Caddy Will Look Like This!

Jason Day's wife at the Masters. You won't get her in Pinehurst. Sorry.

Okay, I guarantee you'll have a good time. How 'bout that?

Once again, the legend of the Malcolm McLeod Memorial Tournament is upon us, and I am slowly starting to run out of willing adults who can join us for 3 days of awesome golf and male bonding shenanigans.

We have 14 guys for a 16 person trip.

And we are stalled.

Therefore, YOU and a buddy have a chance!

If you think you can join us, and want to be a part of the fun, then email me ASAP. This will be a *roughly* speaking, "first come, first served" type of deal.

We just need two guys....

Preferably buddies, since you'll be sharing a room and partnered for 2 of the 5 rounds.
Able to break 100 comfortably (it's okay to be really good, too)
Able to get me a $100 deposit right away.
Not completely fuck everything up by NOT posting at the last minute.

If you can fit that bill, you will fit in like a champ with the guys, and have a blast.

Cost is $768 and includes 3 nights lodging at The National GC. Your $100 deposit goes to food/bev and a gambling pot. You don't need a hard and fast certified handicap, but if you don't have one be careful not to be a sandbaggin' cheater. The $768 is payable when you get to The National, and you can use a credit card.

Friday May 17th - 36 Holes at Dormie Club
Saturday May 18th - 36 Holes at The National
Sunday May 19th - 18 Holes at The National

You'll have to get there on your own. Some guys are actually flying in from Houston, Indianapolis and DC. I am driving down there.

So any help to fill out my group, would be awesome. It saddens me greatly that this once easily-filled 24 person fiasco is now struggling to get 16. As they say in war: "We've lost a lot of good men on that hill...."

Don't leave Captain Czabe "shit out of luck" on filling up his golf trip! (Actual old outhouse at The Dormie Club).


  1. Only a 21 handicap, but gives me a reason to work on my game more so I can do a trip like this in the future.

  2. That is a ROAD WIN...Can't make the trip, planning on it for next year.

  3. "If You Join Us In Pinehurst, I Guarantee Your Caddy Will Look Like This!"

    You mean she will be married???