Tuesday, April 2, 2013

This Guy's A Real Winner!

Meet coach dickhead. Rutgers hoops coach Mike Rice.

Really? Throwing basketballs at your players?

Mikey, get those cardboard boxes ready for hauling out your family photos, pal.


  1. Wow...the guy is a complete jackwagon. Suspension?? Fine?? If you attacked someone on the street like that, you'd get hauled off for assault and battery. This dude should be fired, fined, and then never hired again.

  2. You got your wish, folks. He's gone. I just find it stunning that a player didn't return the favor and slam HIM in the face with a basketball (as he so richly deserved/deserves). That A.D has to be sweating HIS job at this point, too.


    While we're firing folks, why is Ed Rush still employed as Head of Officials for the Pac 12?
    For that matter, considering his well known reputation for bullying and arrogance as an NBA referee, why was he EVER head of officials for the Pac 12...? Larry Scott (Pac 12 Commissioner), wake up and smell the coffee!

  3. Hey, didn't that jerk who coaches the Bucs coach at Rutgers, too? Guess that's just the "Rutgers way."

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  5. New favorite former head coach!

    Can't wait until he is working in the NBA see Calvin Sampson.

    He is hurting them with his words. Ouch ouch.

    Maybe Rutgers should their women's coach?

    You could hear the collective "oh my, he wouldn't do that to my child!"

  6. I'm sure Rutgers guy was/is a huge tool, but didn't Bobby Knight pretty do the same thing for like 100 years? Where is he? Oh, he's a highly paid primetime TV analyst. "Coach" Knight defines the dick in dickhead in my opinion.