Friday, April 26, 2013

Geno Smith Has Left the Building

After a stinging night of being passed over by everyone in the 1st round, the pundit-declared "best QB in the draft" Geno Smith politely declined an on-camera interview with Suzy Kolber while saying to her that this would only fuel him to play with an even "bigger chip on his shoulder" once a team finally drafts him.

He also took his nice suit and sunglasses, and went home.

Good for him. I sort of feel sorry that he got led astray by either the NFL, ESPN or both that he'd be taken in the first round. He wanted to have his special night. I get that. But perhaps more draft picks would be wise to refuse to be the NFL's human props on this absurdly overcooked TV show and go fishing instead, like Joe Thomas.

At least somebody should show up wearing just shorts and a t-shirt, with flip flops. Say "what's up bro" and casually high five the commissioner instead of hug him.

Because when you have the league proudly posting pictures like this below, you know that they have no idea that their "fanciness" has morphed into pure self-parody.

Yeah. Baseball hats in glass boxes, carried in by an army of suit-clad league clowns.

That was real. That just happened.


  1. Picture in Webster's next to def. of asshat

  2. Forget Geno. Think of Nassib. His own coach passes over him and picks the one QB no one thought would go in the first round. Damn, that's got to hurt.

  3. Pic of hats in glass boxes carried by men in suits reminds me of offbeat 1960s British Sci-Fi. Looks like an epi of "The Avengers," "The Prisioner," "Day of the Triffids" or maybe a scene from "Magic Christian."

  4. Worse than being caught on a moped