Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm Becoming a Big Brad Keselowski Fan

And not for his rugged good looks!

Yes, he's a helluva driver. The champ! But he also isn't afraid to speak his mind, and to my great and pleasant suprise, he really "gets it" when it comes to what makes sports fans STAY HOME these days, in a digital, everywhere-connected, high-defnition world.

Shitty wifi.

From this USA Today feature back in February, Keselowski nailed it when he said this...
"Three years ago, a track tried to put in Wi-Fi and was told no because of the Sprint (title sponsorship) agreement. Someone needs to step in at that point and say, 'I'm sorry, we're putting Wi-Fi in.' We can't miss out on these things. The speedway had funding in place from the government to do it, and we said no? Are you kidding me? 
I know I'm considered a social media leader because I'm active on Twitter, but it's much larger than Twitter. It's about technology, because that is what's driving my generation. Being able to text your friend and say, 'Hey, I'm at the hot dog stand, do you want a hot dog?' while they're in your seat, and you're in a line that took 30 minutes, you need to have service to do that. 
The fact I can go to a race with a Verizon phone and not have service when the race starts is a major problem. What needs to be done to fix that is you need to allow other carriers to come in with their boosters and whatnot, and that's not happening. That's not acceptable. 
You can't tell a fan that doesn't have service, 'We're working on it.' They bought their ticket already. That money they spent was for "worked," not "working." We have to open our eyes to the big picture. That's our sport's challenge. Can we do that?
Absolutely, spot on! And he also isn't afraid to call out short sighted gimmick campaigns, that won't likely expand the sport's fan base in the long run......

On Danica Patrick
When Danica (Patrick) gets in the car, I don't think, 'Oh there's that girl.' I think, 'Oh, there's that 30th-place driver.' That's the reality of it. People who talk to me about Danica and say, 'Man, you need to give her more of a chance.' No, you need to give her less of a chance. You need to treat her equally and think about those who never came even close to getting the opportunity she had."

I recommend the entire piece, because the kid shows a pretty savvy grasp of how fans interact with drivers in today's media environment. NASCAR would do well to listen to him. But knowing them, good luck.


  1. Czabe - this morning a caller on the "Remember When" segment referenced "This Week in Pro Football" with Summerall and Brooksheir. The show ran from about 1968 through 1976. Here is a link to where some of the brief (2 -3 minute)segments appear on youtube.

  2. Brad is a second coming of Tony Stewart...minus the donuts. I think the guy has a tremendous amount of savvy for the business, a great sponsor, and a well heeled owner. And he has no issue with running someone off the damn track when enough is enough...

  3. i don't know about the rugged good looks man. the above picture looks like a cross between mr. ed. and fill in the blank.

  4. He looks like a young Bob Madden!

  5. The Wi-Fi is such a no brainer I can't believe this isn't in all sporting venues.

  6. NASCAR needs to wake the eff up. a lot of fans come to the track and stay for days...they want more than just beer. They need to make it a 'home away from home' environment.

  7. Geez, even when it was the 'Winston Cup' you could still sit in the stands and proudly puff on a Marlboro if you chose to do so. I did not realize they were only allowing access to Sprint phones now.

  8. I used to have season tickets (4 seats) to Michigan. 4 very good seats to each race for two weekends a summer. When NASCAR (and Sprint) began blocking service to alternative cell phone providers, I cancelled my tickets and have not been to a race since. NASCAR needs to realize this is America, where we get WHAT we want, WHEN we want it, and LOTS of it. Dollars speak volumes, just ask their sponsors.

    As for Brad Keselowski, he has a bright future and I wish him the best. Typically NASCAR does not take a shining to those who speak their minds, and I fear he will be "taught" some respect. He said nothing wrong, untruthful, or out of line - in fact I could not agree more with him; but everyone knows the worst thing that you can do in America now is to harm someone's feelings.