Friday, February 5, 2010

Goin' To the Dogs

Nothing like a trip to the dog track to lift your Super Bowl Week spirits! I have never been to this form of gambling, but now I can cross it off my list.

Won a few races, but lost more than I won. Actually had three SEPARATE $2 bets to WIN, and I end up missing a boxed trifecta for $338.


Ah yes, the grizzled hard core dog bettors. (Note: I did not bother them for advice. Seemed busy, and grumpy.)

Nice, doggy. Now, RUN YOU BASTARD!


Radio Row scene, a "Raider Reunion" on Sirius NFL Radio with Rich Gannon, (host) Adam Schein, Warren Sapp and Tim Brown.


Played golf this week at a semi-private 36 hole facility in Ft. Lauderdale called "Jacaranda Golf Club." For a typical Florida course (flat, lots of water hazards, mix in palm trees) it was actually quite nice. The bunkering was excellent and interesting. Furthermore, they had a bunch of awesome looking trees that had massive root systems like a bundle of wires. These were large, mature, gorgeous trees, with huge canopies. For a tree geek like me, I loved em.


  1. Jesus Christ Czabe, you've lost a ton of weight....

  2. Those are Banyon trees - those suckers get huge, you could build a bad ass tree fort in one of those suckers!

  3. Was that Santa's Little Helper? Doh

  4. gheesh, i was going to say. Czaber, you lost a lot of weight, great job my man!

    unless you photoshoped it?!?

  5. Speaking of tree loving, Czabe, have you seen Avatar yet? There is tree stuff in that that will reach to your soul.

  6. Hey Czabe buddy! The PX90 is doing you GREAT!!!!! Good job!!!! Have you lost anything off the tee though??? Hey, How about a job update for us idiots that are going through CZABEWITHDRAWL????????? Christ I hope you get back on the mighty XM soon!! Thanks, Doug in Montana

  7. Fix your Czabe withdrawal. Purchased the 4 letter iPhone app so I could listen to Czabe on the way home from work. Sure it's all DC sports talk, but anything's better than the Orlando sports talk scene.

  8. Czabe: looking good, bro. you need a new wardrobe, though. Your clothes are too baggy! What's up with no Friday first team express podcast? I will attribute it to the weather. I was hoping to hear you guys' predictions.

    - Taha