Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Six Crazy Seconds: The Brilliance of Peyton Manning

Ha! FOUND IT!!!!

Thanks to Steve Solomon, my producer, and Crystal Howard of ESPN PR for this PRICELESS, and totally AWESOME breakdown of what Peyton Manning sees, does, and reacts to in the crucial 3 seconds before the snap, and the 3 seconds after.

While I often say that pro football is portrayed by those in the game as more complex and un-knowable to the average fan than is true, these kind of articles give me pause.

Maybe they are right.

This is some incredibly complex shit.

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  1. Sorry to get off topic but i have some news that you might be interested in czabe. After a solid month of being on the airways in Richmond, VA, steve a smith has already been taken off the air and replaced with local sports talk. Hopefully he is getting the same terrible ratings in other markets so the suits at FSR will finally realize what a terrible mistake they made taking the First Team...I mean the Steve Czaban Show off the air.

  2. Thanks for the great article. I need to chew on this a bit; I knew this stuff was incredible, but wow!

  3. Are there blogs or books out there that go into this depth on understanding the game? I would love to read about this all day... Teams outght to raffle a chance to sit through game day prep (quietly w/ a gag order)... they'd make a fortune.

  4. Yes, yes, YES!!! Thanks for the diligence that led to the unearthing of this fantastic Six Seconds piece of football porn. I just spent a half hour reading it over and over and re-living my football playing and coaching days and having multiple gridiron dorkgasms. I'm saving this in my secret web download folder for inspiration.

  5. Great Read!Thanks for posting it. I thought I was beginning to recover from your absence but the more I listen to your Podcast the more I miss you guys!