Monday, February 22, 2010

Here, Birdie Birdie!

Okay, go ahead and call me a "bird nerd" but I thought these super-slo-mo's I took of my birdfeeder are mildly awesome.

Shot with the trusty Casio EX-F1 camera, this is what cardinals look like flying away at 300 frames per second.

Now my next goal is to get footage of a blue jay, tearing the crap out of an oriole. Then I can post the footage on a Baltimore Orioles website and piss everyone off.

Only problem: no blue jays at my feeder. I've only seen them at my parents. And I have NEVER seen a real live oriole in the wild.


  1. You must be really bored Czabe. As for Orioles, we get a bunch in the spring here in NM. Maybe if I get bored I'll film some for you.

  2. I think it's great you enjoy the birds. I hope you get that footage, but an oriole is a tough siting for me--only see them in warm weather.

    Wish I had a camera with a better zoom today. A screech owl came out in the day (really snowy and overcast, more like a moonlit night in brightness) and hunted at the feeder. After 2 dozen tries or so, she (I ID'ed it properly) got a cardinal and took it into a pine to enjoy. Beautiful. Glad I was at home so I could take the hour to watch this.

    Enjoy the birds. Check out Cornell and their bird info: