Friday, February 19, 2010

The National, With Frosting

Snow, on a golf course, is not unusual. Pretty, yes. Unusual, no.

In fact, many golf course photo calendars usually include a lovely snow-frosted hole for the months of December, January or February.

But here's something, I don't think I've ever seen: snow, at Augusta National.

These photos showed up in my email in-box, with the following note:


We ended up with something like 4 to 6 inches overall. About 50 days away from the tournament and this is what the course looked like when I came in this morning. My personal favorite picture, besides the ones of Amen Corner, is the photo of hole #4 and the one palm tree on the property. It is also interesting to see how much difference the hydronic coils make in the soil temperatures. No snow on any of the greens that have coils underneath them.


Brent Seyer

I don't know who that is, or if he's going to get fired for releasing them.

But this winter frosting is a delicious and rare look to a course we are all salivating at seeing in its full glory in a few months.

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