Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV Radio Row

Here are a couple of miscellaneous pics from radio row.

This is a really cool mini version of the "JerryTron" stadium screen, which will be the host city and stadium for next year's Super Bowl. (Count me in!)

And here's my favorite beer pitchman "Wendell Middlebrooks" - aka: "The Miller High Life Guy." Very funny, very infectious laugh. Great ad campaign.


  1. Czabe...I taught Wendell in high school (Green B. Trimble Technical High School; Ft. Worth, TX). Have watched him grow from starring in Disney shows (Suite Life of Zach and Cody), to the Miller High Life Guy, to Security Guy on "Scrubs". Fame couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

  2. Hey Czabe---think you guys could cut the F-bombs from the podcasts? Surely, you have a larger vocabulary than that...at least you did when you were doing the show on the airwaves.

    More pics from Miami. It is cool to see what is going on there. Especially when it is freezing snow here.

  3. Anne-
    If the language men use when speaking to each other offends you, then don't listen! Spend your time elsewhere....like say the kitchen or laundry room!

  4. I've listened for years to Czabe. I don't need to hear F'in everything he and the rest might say because they lack vocabulary skills.

    Maybe the PX 90 or whatever he was selling when he left Fox has shrunk his brain as well as his waistline.

    Some of us expect more.

  5. You are right, Anne. We expect more.....more friggin' F-BOMBS!!!
    Now go watch Oprah. And get me a sandwich.