Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why Can't Timmy Throw?

So, now... now he's gonna work on his throwing motion?


Nothing quite like a debacle of a Senior Bowl outing to make you get some religion on proper quarterbacking mechanics.

What? What? Religion? Too cute, huh?


This would be like a business major saying a month before graduation: "Do ya think I shoulda taken some accounting?"

Score one for Theismann. He blasted away on Tebow during Super Bowl week.

"Obviously at Florida they don't teach throwing the football," Theismann opined in explaining that Tebow's mechanics are "poor." Theismann also said that Urban Meyer and his staff have "no clue" regarding the process for preparing a quarterback to play "at the next level."

Most people reacted by saying Joey T was a bitter douche who is still mad he's not on MNF. I said at the time: "Well, he does have a point."

The obvious debate now centers on Urban Meyer. What there wasn't any summer available for Tebow to fix this along the way? Think of all the 55-3 blowouts "Tebow 3:16" could have been polishing these changes.

At this juncture, only desperate fools - or the fan starved Jaguars - would dare take Tebow in the first round. In fact, the gamble on him has now been extended past the third round.

Can you imagine Tebow thinking in the pros: "Is my elbow high enough? Sharp drop back. Don't slouch my shoulders before winding up."


I know how difficult it can be for QBs to stamp out bad mechanics. Jason Campbell of my Skins came into the league with a long-ish delivery. Not nearly as bad as Tebow's wreck of a motion, but definitely too long. He's worked hard to pare it down, and he has - somewhat.

But the Tim Tebow Experiment is going to end up with about as much success as Barkley in the Hank Haney Project.

Worse yet, Tebow will likely waste a good year or more trying to "fix" his crap mechanics while adjusting to the NFL's hyperspace tempo. That's a crucial year he could be learning to play H-back.

That's probably he best and only option as a pro. If he works hard, he could forge a nice little Frank Wycheck kinda career.

His team might even let him give those awesomely biblical half-time motivational speeches.


  1. Your kidding right. What an A-hole you are for even saying anything negative about this guy. I am not a gator fan and basically got tired of his coverage in the national media. But who in their right mind would not want this guy to be there son/relative etc. He is damn near perfect except for the fact he does not have great form to be a great nfl qb. He is a better person already than probably anyone reading this column including you czabe for the mere fact he grew up doing missionary work and helping out kids in general. The media bashes him for being a Christian which is not hip at the moment and you seem to have fell into that groove as well. It is not his fault his team won 2 national titles while he was there and the media drowned us in him. He is a better person than you, me or probably anyone else reading this article and the venom put towards him shows how the media basically hates anything wholesome or christian.

  2. And the way you finish your article, guessing you hate christians as well since you seem to mock Tebow in general and you know what he is about.
    Because getting an uplifting speech from someone that actually has faith in someone or somebody must be foreign to you since you seem to love making fun of him.

  3. If you feel like belittling someone in a national article or syndication. Please pick on some of the folks that are the scum of the earth like Larry Bird, Julius Erving, Leanord Little, or Donte' Stallworth. The first 2 who did not acknowledge daughters they had with whores while they were married or the later 2 who killed people while they were drunk. Tebow does not deserver the venom you put towards him and we have everyday atheletes that are scum of the earth that the media protects. Let Tebow fail or suceed on his own and wish him well because if he does not make it in the pros, I have no doubt he will succeed at something else. Which is something that cannot be said about alot of major college atheletes ie Michael Vick and Lawrence Phillips who would have probably been in jail except for the fact that they were great college football players. You shame yourself for bashing on Tebow, let it go Czabe.

  4. Good God! I mean gosh...good gosh please don't jump down my throat for the God thing. I guess that you can interpret this article anyway you like but I don't see same anti-christian thing some of you see. I think the slant here is one of the most decorated college QB's can't throw the football and has trouble taking a snap from center. That is kind of a big deal and worth commenting about. The shots he's taking at Tebow are no different that other shots he takes at player that try to advocate or push some agenda. Its this kind of smart ass commentary mixed with dead on insight that I've come to love about Czaban. But hey I'm just trying be a more understanding person who looks for the good in people. Or at least that's what my Pastor always tells me to do.

  5. Urban Meyer was hired to win games at U of Florida. Preparing a QB for the NFL is not in his job description. By the way, Joe Theisman has always been a douchebag.

  6. Jeez, Brad.....take a deep breath man. I don't see any Christian bashing in the article. I just see football player bashing. Tebow will be a bust as a QB. He's already a success as a human and will continue to be so.

  7. Brad - the article is more about how Urban Meyer let Tebow down by not correcting his motion, and now it's probably too late. Before you go all Christian-militant on us, maybe you should read an article twice next time, and think before you write. That's some hateful stuff you got going around in your head.

  8. While Meyer was hired to win games but college is also about preparing yourself for the next step...a professional career be it teacher, doctor, lawyer or professional football player. The only way you prepare yourself is to get guidance from your professors or your head football coach. All Meyer is concerned about is Meyer...the last 3 months...exemplifies this.

    Maybe if Meyer said something 3 years ago Tebow would be better prepared for his future profession instead he used a future NFL Hback at QB.

  9. I agree that Meyer should have done a better job preparing players - particularly his premier player - for the NFL. Even high school coaches know that they are preparing their players for the next level.
    That said, next point: I'm not hyper-sensitive to digs at Christians, I'm used to it to some degree. But you're risking alienating a chunk of your listeners if you continually press the issue. Thanks.

  10. I like Czabe. I like Tebow. I agree with Czabe arguments on the technicals, but I'm hoping can overcome them because he is a good guy.

    I do think Czabe takes unnecessary jabs at Tebow. Careful jabs that are not straight-up Christian bashing, but I can read between the lines. They add nothing to his argument and make him seem a little petty.

    That said, that's Czabe's thing, he's done it to players of all stripes. Not a shocker. And most Christians can take it. I just let it roll off my back. I'll still follow Czabe, because he's good and I'll still follow Tebow, hoping he can make it in the NFL.

  11. You can't judge a QB by his throwing motion. Yes, all things being equal, it's a negative for him, but the most important measure of a successful QB is making the right decision and Tebow comes across as someone who will be as good at this as anyone.

    Drew Brees wasn't a throwing machine coming out of college while Jeff George and JaMarcus Russell were. The difference is Brees isn't an idiot.

    I'm not saying Tebow will succeed in the NFL, just that NFL talent evaluators are frequently wrong about QBs. One thing for sure, Tebow will give it 100% and not be an anchor on the team, so it's probably worth it to take a little risk and see what he can do. Michael Vick was a #1 overall pick and he has never been able to pass.

  12. Great post Czabe. If Tebow's goal in football was to eventually be a starting QB, it's strange that his throwing motion wasn't addressed much earlier. If he is perfectly happy with converting to anothr position however, like H-back, that is fine, but he'd better have been preparing his fundamentals for that also. Either way, I wish him well.

    Regarding Brad's many great, fair comments by others so I'll just add my two cents: Brad so badly missed the mark on what being a Christian is about, that is makes me wonder if he is actually a militant atheist posing as a Christian, in order to represent Christians as poorly as possible with the goal of turning people off.

    To put a sports spin on this, it would be like someone who likes the Cowboys going around posting on message boards, "Hi, my favorite team is the Redskins, and we Redskins fans are all jerks and like to punch kittens." Brad, in the future please consider just who you are claiming to represent when you think about posting things like that.

  13. Basically I have to wonder why religion was mentioned at all in this article if it was only questioning his ability. I am pretty sure most folks could care less what religion you are as long as you play well. In his case he has not hidden the fact that he is a man of religion and for the most part that should be respected in my way of thinking no matter what religion it is. Czabe actually makes fun of it Tebow did not ask for the attention he was given, and should not be punished for the fact that Florida is the elite program in the country. I am not a militant in any way shape or form, but I just take offense when the christian religion in bashed or at the least teased and other religions is off limits. Please judge Tebow for the player or lack of he is and leave the rest behind. Because I am guessing if Czabe taunted another religion, say the muslim faith like he did in the Tebow article he would probably receive death threats.

  14. Czabe i agree with you most of the time and i think you are hilarious on Bob and Brian. But i disagree with you on this issue. I have two words for you that will destroy your argument. Aaron Rodgers. He came out of a similar system as Tebow had a bad throwing motion, hence him dropping to 24th in the draft. Mike Mccarthy the head coach and qb coach completely changed how he held the ball, threw it, and he sat behind favre and learned how to read defenses. He is top 5 quarterback in the league.
    It goes back to the old saying "Hard work beats talent." If tebow goes to a team that doesn't need him right away and he can sit on the bench and refine for 2 years or so and he works hard, which he will, he will be one of the best and won't be a bust. He wants it so bad that he'll do anything to get it, and he is willing to do the work and thats why he hired the guy who helped Tom brady refine his motion.

  15. Hey Brad,

    You should change your diaper. Seriously, its starting to stink in here.

  16. Brad- what else? can we not speak in jest about palm readers? UFO chasers? It is not taboo to joke about anyone's belief in thier invisible mysterious magician in the sky...christian or otherwise.

  17. Brad's an ass clown! Go find a another website to preach - we don't want you here!

  18. I can say what I want just as you can. Ass down, how adult. Go read some and find some better insults that don't involve profanity. Because you show you education level or lack of one when you use them. Grow up.

  19. Brad- are you serious. You are going to question someone's education level with ..
    - a nanny -nanny boo boo first sentence
    -ass down, wtf is ass down?
    - the phrase "you show you" is contained in a sentence busting on someones education.

    I am not a grammar or spelling Nazi but, your post was ridiculed with egregious errors.

  20. Love how you come to defend the errant ways of Czabes blog. He is wrong on this one and basically that is that. Thanks for pointing out I had a couple of typing errors, will use spellcheck next time.

  21. So I am to get this right Chris. You are gonna compare religion, all of them to UFO chasers etc?? I know alot of sports fans and unlike you most tend to believe in religion, but not so much so in UFO chasers or palm readers. Since about 90 percent of the country actually believes in a religion of some sort, and 80 percent of them are christian. You basically are belittling most of them, congrats. You win at being the biggest offender on the column. I only complained that czabe was out of line for criticizing his beliefs in general. You were able to compare all organized religions to "ufo chaser and palm readers". So you win, I cannot hope to offend 90 percent of folks. Just wanted to chastize Czabe for making fun of Tebow's religious beliefs, you went much farther.

  22. Basically Chris you are a douchebag. Congrats on it.

  23. Brad, Brad, Brad....

    After all of the work you have done to place Christians on a pedastle, and bash those who make light humor about them.... Wow. I know in your heart you truly disagree with the Czabe on this one, but amazingly after getting your ass handed to you on this comment section, you have fallen to our level and began namecalling. As I sit here, I am proud of you, proud of the fact that you called someone a douchebag, and used it correctly. Congrats!! The reason we use light humor and sarcasm in speaking of Tebow's love of god, is because he opened that door, by shoving it down everyones throats, in speaking, in wearing scripture in his eye black, etc. Hell, I believe in snickies, but I dont make little stickers of them and put them on my face when I go to work. I am tolerant of all relgions, beleifs etc, but when it gets shoved in my face repeatedly, I tend to do just as Czabe did, respect it with a little ole fashioned sarcasm.

    Take Care Brad, you Douchebag...

    ...and God Bless.

  24. Ever wonder if sensationalized comments are specifically designed to bring attention to a blog or topic?

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. "Since about 90 percent of the country actually believes in a religion of some sort, and 80 percent of them are christian."

    Reference? Or is this from your ass?

    "I know alot of sports fans and unlike you most tend to believe in religion, but not so much so in UFO chasers or palm readers. "

    I did not claim to be atheist? Also- are you passing judgement on what which mysterious paranormal beliefs are ok and acceptable to believe in and which are not.

    Keep digging yourself in further BRAD!

  27. He cant throw the ball b/c he spends too much time circumsizing children and zero time boinking college chicks.

    Palm to face...

  28. Chris, from Wiki:
    "The majority of Americans identify themselves as Christians (76%)"
    That said, take a look at my comments earlier and especially Jimbo's, and you'll probably get a better idea of how most Christians would react to Czabe or anyone else who decides to make fun of Christianity.

  29. "The majority of Americans identify themselves as Christians (76%)"

    ...and you are still in the minority when considered against the world population. No matter what you believe, more of the rest of the world disagrees with you.

    I know its a sports blog but the one question that religious people never can answer is why there is such strong corelation between your religious beliefs and the part of the dirt that you are born on? Doubly so for your parents religion. This is from my ass but probably accurate---99% of religious beliefs are predicated by A) what part of earth your born, and B) what your parents told you to believe in.

    Thats some rational free thinking right there.

  30. Douchebag, oh I mean mjdunn80. The only reason we know anything about Tebow or his religious beliefs is the fact that the media drowned us in him. He did not have the power to do that, folks like CBS, ESPN and ABC decided that he was a talking point and basically over did it by alot. So douchebag, get it right, Tebow did not drown us in it, our media did because he happened to be the QB on the best team this decade moron. How can you blame him douchebg, moron, idiot, and invalid. People like Czabe, Rome, etc used this for talking points and now that he is going to probably go after the second round, now they make fun of him. How American of the media, crucify anyone that might actually be a good person, but in their mind has shortomings.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. I have little respect for any organized religion but I do think the Herd have a valid argument here. Anyone who thinks they don't can't be that smart.

  33. Hey- wait a minute. You called me douchebag first. You can call multiple people douchebag Brad! You douchebag!