Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And Just Wait Until They Have To Manage Manny!

Unaware if you knew about this show already, but if not, heads up. MLB Network has a rather entertaining reality show about the Chicago White Sox, called simply, "The Club."

It's basically medium-security-level access to owner Jerry Reinsdorf, GM Kenny Williams, and skipper Ozzie Guillen. Nothing earth shattering that I saw, but then again I didn't watch that much.

Now that Manny's coming on board - and I'm not sure if they are still shooting new episodes - then "business is about to pick up!" as they say in wrestling.

On another note, I forgot to tell you that I got to play golf with a minority owner of the White Sox while at Grand Geneva Resort following the Bob and Brian Open.

He's a great guy, who wished to remain low-key and anonymous, but did let me sport his World Series ring for this photo.

Curiously, he has only a passing interest in the game. I asked how many games he goes to every year.

Answer: six.

Why? His answer: "I just have better things to do with three hours in the summer than sit around and watch baseball."

Sounds like a PERFECT guy to be a MINORITY owner!

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