Friday, August 20, 2010

"Maybe I Need To Lie Down...."

When Eli Manning got his forehead crushed in the exhibition opener, all I could think about was the epic SNL skit "Massive Headwound Harry."

I don't know where the writers got the idea of a guy who just goes to parties, semi-oblivious to the horrors of a massive and untreated headwound, but it worked.

Meanwhile Eli, who looks dopey on a good day, looked even more dopey while shuffling off the field with a Saw V caliber wound gracing his noggin.

Do you think they charged him for staining the new faux-carpet at the billion-dollar-plus stadium. "Hey, pick up that blood!"

FOOTNOTE: Somebody pointed out that Eli's forehead gash was reminiscent of another great Giants QB, Y.A. Tittle. Balder, and with less blood, but not a bad get.


  1. The difference between YA and Eli is that YA was drilled by a 220-pound lineman or a 170-pound d-back, while Eli got tag-teamed by a bigger,faster, stronger combo by about 100-pounds...but a good get indeed.

  2. Was the head of the cleaning crew quoting Frank Lucas in American Gangster: "That's 25 thousand dollar Alpaca! You blot that shit!"

  3. Dude's a stud. There's the reverse side of your poster with whatever soccer guy you want to show taking a dive.