Wednesday, August 11, 2010

If You Thought Darrelle Revis Wants Too Much Money...

... then you should check out this little gem of a story from a small town called "Bell, California."

Yes, for a massive state, that is massively in debt up to its eyeballs, they still have "public servants" in piss ant little towns gaming the system to give themselves shockingly huge salaries to run nothing more than the equivalent of a municipal lemonade stands.

Robert Rizzo (insert Jerky Boys: "Yeah.. that's right... RIZZO!" sound effect) is the city manager for Bell, and he makes $787,000 per year.

BASE... salary.

With benefits and such, his pay escalates to somewhere near $1.5 million.

When news of Rizzo's base salary of $787,000 broke, he arrogantly told a Los Angeles Times reporter: "If that's a number people choke on, maybe I'm in the wrong business. I could go into private business and make that money."

Sure you could, donkey. Go for it.

"Maybe I'm in the wrong business" he laments. Dude. You aren't even IN an actual business.

True "business" is when a company creates or provides a certain product or service. Then customers purchase said product or service of their own free economic will, providing (hopefully) a profit for the business and creating jobs along the way.

Then, the state confiscates a certain portion of that business' profits in the form of taxes - and the salaries of the employees of that business - to help PAY FOR donkeys like Robert Rizzo to be "City Manager" for sprawling Bell, California (pop. 38,000).

Ha, ha, good times, California. When people hear that I went to school at UC Santa Barbara and left the state to come back east, they often ask why.

This story, would be reason #1,089.

Not that small time government graft and corruption is eradicated in the other 49 states. It is not. But California is the worst. Followed closely by New York, Illinois and Massachusetts.

Which brings me in a roundabout way to Jets CB Darrelle Revis. As I am sure you know, he is holding out for a new contract, claiming he should be paid as the "best cover corner in football" which I think most neutral observers would agree, he is.

His current contract is a pretty good 6-year rookie deal, guaranteeing him $12 million over the life of it. He is currently (and I stress CURRENTLY) outperforming his salary.

What happens when Revis gets a new huge contract, and is then underperforming his salary? Can the Jets lock him out, and demand a reduction in his pay?

I know what you are saying: "Czabe, the Jets can always cut him if they want, and all they owe is the signing bonus portion of the deal. That's very unfair to the players!"

Yes, but CUTTING a player is a drastic "solution" to him just underperforming his deal. It denies the team the services of a player who might still be worth 60% or 70% of his current pay.

In many ways, it is not a solution at all.

It would be like Revis getting the deal he is asking for, but then being forced to retire! He'd have his money, but he couldn't play. Not much of a win-win.

I am sympathetic to guys like Revis, who are fabulous players that have extremely short earning windows during in a physically brutal and fickle sport.

Plus, Woody Johnson inherited his soap fortune from mommy, daddy, and the family tree. Screw him. Pay the guy! Especially with a new taxpayer assisted Jet/Giant Stadium that has PSL's only the City Manager from Bell, California could afford!


  1. Not to mention that Revis held out in 07 to get his his current deal.

  2. How can he say he is the best cornerback in the league when he got beat out for defensive player of the year last year by a cornerback? Until he proves otherwise, he is not the best corner in the league.

  3. I totally agree with you Czabe...that hack "Ryen" Russillo (seriously Ryen...either his parents weren't good at spelling, or they were trying to be unique and different. Kind of defeats the purpose of being unique when you use one of the most common names around)! ...but I digress. So this knucklehead at the 4 letter is totally giving it to Revis for holding out. He compares Revis's demands with his status at ESPN. Hypothetically, he tells the listeners that what Revis is doing is similar to if he went to his bosses at the 4-letter and told them he wanted a raise after a year because his ratings were high. Something about Ryen Russillo has always bugged me, but I didn't know until know what it was! He's comparing his job of speaking behind a mic to that of a elite athlete who puts his health and safety on the line every time he lines up. From what I've heard, the horrific injury to Leon "Leon can't do everything" Washington and all that followed his injury has a lot to do with why Revis wants "to get his." Not really sure why he took a strong stance against Revis on this, (perhaps the 4 letter put him up to it?) but it did confirm why I can't stand listening to ass-clowns such as Colin Coward, Same and Samer, and Reyeen Russillo on the 4-letter. Thankfully, they still have Doug Gottlieb, (and you on 980).

  4. I have absolutely no problem with paying the man. I just find it ironic that he held out for the contract that he currently has. Now he's holding out for another one.

  5. I'm surprised you haven't been accused of being a right-wing tea party member for railing against big, inefficient government.

    And Revis's case illustrates how players want all the benefits of being a partner in the business and none of the risks, as you point out there is no penalty for under-performing. See Haynesworth, Albert.

  6. Another example of why unions don't work. Stealing Sal's quote above, they 'want all the benefits of being a partner in the business and none of the risks...' If a (normal, not bailout) business starts bleeding, the CEO or some 'big performer' gets the ax, but not so with pro athletes.
    That makes me about as mad as Francisco Rodriguez after being told to sit on the bench.

  7. He is not worth more than his existing contract. NFL fans are mostly interested in the uniform and the name for maybe 2-3 players on each team. Prior to last year no causal fans knew this guy and they certainly werent buying tickets to see him play. Next year is likely no exception and since most NFL games are near capacity anyway, winning is only marginally contributory.
    I am pretty sick of hearing about how they only have a small amount of time to make their earnings. This is life for everyone, after they finish playing 2.5 years of football are they expected to retire like lavish kings? For what?? (as if 2-3 milion dollars is not sufficient anyway)....Because they play a sport we pay to see? I dont think so.
    I will always say 95% of athletes are way, way overpaid and the other 5% are underpaid.

    The bottom line is the NFL is the product we are buying and the players are interchangeable to a very, very large degree. If they want pay for performance, then most of them would be making much less mony.

  8. Good point by Sparky. There are very few players who fall in to the category of non-interchangeable. Wide receivers are a great example of this situation, where the vast majority of them need the system and the QB to make them better. For every Jerry Rice or Larry Fitzgerald there are hundreds of TJ Houshmazzilis (Championship!) and Santana Moss's.

    Also, Revis is using the irrationality of a contract constructed by the Raiders upon which to make his argument, which should be grounds for DQ right off the bat.