Monday, August 30, 2010

Maryland Keeps Firm Grip On Potomac Cup

Congratulations to the lads from Maryland. They were too tough, too deep, and too much to handle in the 10th Anniversary Potomac Cup matches at Rocky Gap Resort this past weekend.

Maryland won going away, 22.5 - 13.5.

Day 1: MD: 9.5-2.5
Day 2: MD: 7-5
Day 3: MD-VA Tie: 5-5-2

My eternal thanks to Director of Marketing Dave Sanderson who served as our weekend host. Also to PGA Professional Rick Flowers who helped set up the course for great match play competition, and Golf Course Superintendent Mark Jewell for polishing up the Nicklaus layout to a high shine!

Thanks to Maryland Captain Ron Thomas who was tireless in his promotion of the Potomac Cup this year, and indispensable at my side during the Finals. He did a masterful job of motivating his guys, and creating winning pairings.

Thank you to Jon Guhl and Dick Johns of the Middle Atlantic PGA. Your rules presence was essential on many occasions as players found many nooks and crannies of Rocky Gap's adventurous layout.

Finally, thank you to my players on Team Virginia for playing hard through the entire weekend, especially on Sunday when all chance to win was essentially lost. Over the final 3 sessions, we basically played Maryland even, so I would chalk up Day 1's dismal showing to Captain error on the pairings and matchups.

Below are just a FEW of the many great photos I was able to take from the weekend. A complete shot catalog will be available later in the week.



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  2. I was going to say the EXACT SAME THING!! I hope you didn't pay someone to update it for you. This site blows balls now!

  3. OK, Czabe, I'm gone as a visitor to this site. This latest incarnation is clumsy; a viewer has to select from a list of options as opposed to just scrolling down the main page to see if there was a new Czabecast (not fucking likely) or view the snickies or see the pic of the day. I understand that your enforced hiatus has been tough on you, the fellas, and the families. I get that. Perhaps you set the bar too high in what up to now has been your career peak, and I wish you and the guys only more and greater success. As for me, jumped the shark in the last week of August 2010.