Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vote Theresa From Milwaukee!

I always thought I was a pretty big golf nerd. Uber-golf-nerd. A real Jack Nerd-laus.

But I can't hold a candle to this gal!

Theresa Hucke is a big Bob and Brian fan, who happened to play in her first B&B Open this past July with gal-pals Renee Jepson and Tracey Hansen. (pictured below, those sassypants!)

So anyway, Theresa emailed me to see if the legion of Czabe.com readers, and Bob and Brian Show fans, could help put her "over the top" in this on-line PGA Tour contest.

Her video is cute, and makes fun of those knobs at the PGA Championship who screwed Dustin Johnson out of a playoff.

Plus, any gal who would learn some Japanese to get Shigeki Maryama's scribble, and paint her finger nails with Tiger stripes just to get Eldrick's autograph, is somebody deserving of winning.

Vote early, and often kids. Let's show them the mighty power of Czabe.com and put a hometown golf nerd into the winner's circle!

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