Monday, August 23, 2010


That's what Albert Haynesworth has. Yep. Rhab-do-myo-lysis.

It's when you exercise real hard, get real hot, and your muscles shed little muscle detritus into your bloodstream.

Enough shedding can clog the drain trap in your liver, and you could, COULD, die.

In theory.

Of course, Al never said himself, he has this "disease" or condition. The Redskins never said he has it either.

And don't ask the Lil' General Shanahan. He's already on TILT talking about Albert issues.

Of course, rhabdomyolysis is a very dreaded thing. It has only one known, rare, hard to find anti-dote.



Tough one, that rhabdomyolysis.

It's like saying you are tired, and your muscles hurt.

Water! Stat!

Hey, at least Al doesn't have the dreaded "Three Stooges Disease."


  1. Well, when this excuse doesn't work for Al, he can always claim that he has uromysitisis.

  2. That's what Albert gets for having M. Night Shyamalan write up his excuses.

  3. Steve, Hey Packers' ass wipe, this morning, you insisted on talking about Bret and the Vikings...........why don't you talk about your own pathetics team and the commotion between fat Albert and his head coach. Leave Bret and the Vikings alone morning whining little bitch.

  4. Wow, cool running... there are plenty of decaffinated brands on the market that taste just as good as the real thing.

    I guess you are a Vikings Fan by the 3rd grade qualitly of your writing and swearing. I don't want to be anywhere near you when Favre throws another (predictable) season ending interception this year.

    Oh, and because you couldn't tell, this article was about Albert being fat (and lazy).

  5. Lazarel, so are you by any chance Steve's bitch?

  6. @Cool Running

    No, but Bret Favre and the Vikings are my bitches, I bet again them and they pay off for me every time.

    And that makes YOU my bitch too.

    Eat that and smile.

  7. Lazarel, No, but you are WHORE. Next time learn how to spell check, shit head. Just cut it out Packer fag hag.

  8. Come and get slapped like the ignorant girl you are...

    I think you meant "you are *A* WHORE", but I guess simple grammar isn't taught before 4th grade so you never learned. Unless that's how you talk? Oh, are you a Middle Eastern immigrant speaking in broken english??? Is that it... are you typing this on your 1990's cell phone while you weep softly in your taxi with the beaded seat cover???

    And what on earth would make you think I'm a Packers fan, as if anything in the middle of the country matters.

    Go back to playing checkers or swatting at flies or shooting at road side signs, whatever it is you do instead of have a job.

    And shithead is one word, just like dumbass, DUMBASS.

    Stay off the Internet you little bitch, you'll only get hurt.

  9. Lazarel, you were my WHORE and I kicked you out.

    This message was not addressed to you in the first place so by responding to it that confirmed to me you are Steve's BITCH.

    I suggest you get lost, quickly, you little BITCH.

  10. Dude, are you hitting on me, because I'm not into guys. I've heard how things go out in Minnasota when the girls would rather be with each other than with you, but I don't roll that way, sorry.

    When you post a comment as stupid as your first post IN A PUBLIC FORUM it not only is acceptable that someone reply, it's mandatory. In this case, the person is me.

    And so we are clear, your initial post was priceless... "Leave Bret and the Vikings alone morning whining little bitch. " I don't doubt that you are so mentally challenged that you don't see the irony in whining about someone calling out your sport hero and shattering your delusions and calling that person a whiner.

    I can hear your foot stomping the floor, your little skirt rustling in the wind as a tear runs down your cheek "Mister Steve, you weave Mister Bwette awone! He's my hero!"

    Get off your knees, wipe your mouth and get to bed, I'm sure Mr. Bwette is done with you.

  11. Lazarel, Yes I am the middle eastern cap driver who did your mother in the back seat of my cap. This is how you came to this world, you "blood clot".

    You are officially Steve's BITCH. Get lost, will you.

  12. Lazarel,
    Did some one ever tell you are skew-minded freak? what a disgusting HOMO. What kind of shit is that you writing......

    I wonder where do you have the time to write all that? I am not surprised where you find the time because you are probably an unemployed looser sitting at home and masturbating.

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