Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

I apologize that the content production here at has been a bit, well, "pokey" as of late. I try to get a new post here every day. But well, things are all out of whack right now, and won't get lined up until September.

So hopefully, you can enjoy your dying weeks of summer, and bear with me.

I am working on the new show on Sporting News Radio (start date, still TBA. We think it'll be before the Thursday night NFL opener on the 10th).

I am also dealing with various vacations (my own, Scott Linn...) and thus can't get the "band" together much to do podcasts and Czabecasts.

Finally, I have been troubleshooting three vexing issues in my life.

A: What's wrong with my wife's mini-van?
B: How come my home studio ISDN crapped out?
C: How do I configure a new D-Link router?


A: An independent garage claims they have found the issue, but don't have the tools to fix it. Thus, I have to take their write up to a Honda dealer and say: "Um, do THIS, dummies!" Should be fun. And interesting. The second dealer I told you about that wanted to do 3k worth of work? Well, this mechanic said he didn't think ANY of that stuff was needed. Good to see honest car repair ethics in this day and age. (Chortle!)

B. My ISDN studio at home has been fixed, because - get this - Verizon says a "wire came loose" in their "Central Office" and crashed my data "loop." Well, thanks for the heads up, you asshats! I did a whole week on the phone with Bob and Brian, swapped out my Zephyr Express unit with the engineers at work - all because a FUCKING WIRE WAS LOOSE! Christ!

C. I think I've got a bead on the new router. But two hours into it, I perhaps have another 2 hours to go. You just never know. I think home networking and wireless networking is impossibly complex for even so-called "high level" home computer enthusiasts, much less your typical suburban house-mommy. The new router is a high end one that allows for "port prioritization" so that if I want to Skype some video to another location while broadcasting, I can get the router to give the Skype feed right of way on bandwith and keep crashes to a minimum. Or, that's what some geeks at MicroCenter told me. We shall see.

So in short, like my man above says: "Calm down, people!" I got a lot to figure out. And then we'll get cracking.


  1. Czabe, don't sweat it. The dog days of August are a boring time sports-wise anyway. One minor complaint though: I noticed that the Snickies have gone down from 3 pics to 2. 2 pics just isn't enough to truly evaluate a babe. Just my 2 cents. I'm looking forward to the new show!

  2. Can't wait for the new show. Sorry if I've been out of the loop, but do you already know the time slot? I'm dying for some good radio first thing in the morning or late afternoon eastern!

  3. "D-Link"!? WTF, dude? if you plan on working from your house you need to nut-up and spend more than $30 on a router/firewall.

  4. Yeah Czabe, D-Link was a terrible choice. Take it back and get a Linksys, they are owned by Cisco. As an IT person dealing with home offices of sales guys, No one can touch the Linksys as far as uptime and general reliability. Plus they come with software that makes it very easy for the normal Joe to set up. Do yourself a favor now instead of later. I prefer the WRT160N, little pricey as far as wireless routers go, but worth it.

  5. Czabe,
    Follow The One's plan...Take a vacation from your problems...Now git!!!!

  6. I agree with John. Take all the time you need, but just get pictures sticking your foot in the Gulf or shaking an exec.s hand so we'll THINK you're working. Be like Barry. :)