Monday, November 19, 2012

I Hope Two Things Are In the New Star Wars Mid-quel, Or Whatever The F*** They Are Going to Call It

Thing number 1: Another version of Princess Leia in a smoking hot bikini, chained up to some awful space creature.

Forget bringing back the real Carrie Fisher at this point, she's 56 and has ahem, lost quite a bit of ooomph on her fastball. But we can enjoy the vintage Carrie via the miracle of the interwebs.

Thing 2: An Actual Interlude of "Bad Cop" Stormtroopers, Like THIS!

Everything else, I'm flexible on.


  1. I would rather go watch the next Twilight movie than sit through yet another lame-ass watered down offering from the Star Wars series.

    Everyone talked about George Lucas selling the franchise when he did to avoid the looming Obama Taxmageddon, which may be a valid point, but don't forget the other key point...there's no more milk left to squeeze from this teet!

    The Star Wars series has been equivalent to the proverbial beating of the dead horse for some time now. Lucas has enough sense to sell while the price of the real estate upon which he was sitting still had a nice value.

  2. Czabe its monday morning after #1 and #2 in college football go down, and a slew of NFL games were played and you come with Star Wars?!?!?

    1. I do perform TWO 3 hour sports radio shows, plus Bob N Brian! This website, is a SUPPLEMENT... not the main focus of my sports opinions. But thanks for the "feedback!"


  3. I feel ya czabe, I know your deal. I've been follwing your site for ten years and been listeneing on B&B since the day you took over for Patrick. No worries!

    No matter what mundane crap you put up here I'll be back every day to check it out.


  4. Czabe - I am a fan of your show and this site. I enjoy the mundane stuff even more than the hard sports stories. But many of us have very limited access to your show. Your York, PA affiliate broadcasts at very low power and doesn't boost its power in the morning until well after daylight. It is as if no one ever made the adjustment for daylight savings time. For us, this site is more than a supplement.

    1. Have you tried streaming the show or listening in podcast form? There are plenty of ways to get your fill of Czabe.

  5. I have tried streaming, but I prefer listening in my car during my commute. Streaming at work distracts me and ties up the RAM on my computer. My point is that Czabe is missing out on many commuters because his local station is dropping the ball.