Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Laptop Blues

So my laptop here that I edit this wonderful website on, and do ALL of my radio related work, and edit videos like the ones you see from the ol' Black Friday Bowl.... well... it's got a screen that's acting funny.

Blue vertical lines. Static. Sorta like an old TV.

So I think: "Damn. I like this laptop. It's *only* 2 years old. I should get it fixed."

Then I think: hell no. The "shop" will take 2 weeks minimum to fix it, it will cost at least $200 (maybe more) and I am sure they will wipe out key data and/or erase or uninstall programs.

Plus, with a wholly new laptop available for almost the price of a repair, it just seems nuts to repair this ol' thing. I can get a tricked out version of this same Sony VAIO laptop for about $900, which improves every metric from the old one (processor speed, memory, hard drive, etc.).

But I'll admit, it does seem "wasteful" to abandon an otherwise working machine, that was the wonder of my techhie heart just 2 short years ago.

Then, I saw this ad on YouTube.

Holy crap. It's amazing how f'ing EXPENSIVE the crappiest computers were back in the early 1990's. And yet we, as a nation, snapped 'em up.

Now, they are in a landfill.

I'm gonna get that new laptop. It's gonna be a business expense. I am not going to spend any more time agonizing over it. I will recycle it as responsibly as possible.


  1. I can help you out with that repair if you are so inclined. It would just be the cost of the screen and about $50 in labor. No data would be touched. Get in touch with me if you are interested.

  2. Buy new!!! The screen might cost $300 or more! Plus take your hard drive out of the current laptop and buy a hard drive enclosure for about $20-$30(, amazon, best buy) then you'll have your data, programs, etc to move to the new one. After you move your data you can use the external as a backup! Recycle - recycle - recycle! Good luck!

  3. The Tandy brought back a lot of memories. If you're looking for a place to recycle the "old" machine, Dell and Goodwill have teamed up to accept any kind of computer and several different types of peripherals for donation/recycling. More info here :

  4. Absolutely 100% the correct call.
    Laptops are not worth repairing. Take Tom's advice and slave your old hard drive to your new computer to move the data.

  5. Get a mac. I may be a "fan-boy", but I switched over 7 years ago with no regrets. I was fed up with the constant updating, anti-virus software, slow performance and replacing a laptop every couple years. I bought a MacBook for 3X the cost of a dell, it still works great and has been relegated to the 9yo for "school work" ie. MineCraft. I've since bought a MacBook Pro and two iMacs and love the hassle-free performance. I think it will perform very well for your needs, bite the bullet and use some of Jimmy's winnings to upgrade!

  6. my lapper is almost 4 yrs old and has had minor screen problems... turns out to be a wire with iffy connection... fixed myself... warranty was done after 1 yr.... btw, it's an Acer Aspire 6930 bought from Walmart (of all places)Go Pack Go!

  7. It's all par for the course - some will have issues with expensive Macs or PC's, and others will have no problems with bargin basement machines. My home built desktop is running like a top after four years, and running Vista - the bastard OS!

    My primary home laptop is an old, retired work Dell D610 - battery still lasts over an hour on a charge, runs Ubuntu great, and does what we need for basic browsing. If I need more power, the desktop is the go to machine.

  8. Not only were they expensive but $1,199 in 1988 dollars is close to dropping $5,000 today - yeesh!

    Thank goodness for Moore's law