Monday, November 26, 2012

"Johnny Football" Has His Own Video Game Now...

... sort of.

Manziel broke the SEC single season total offense  record of 4327 yards on Saturday. Breaking Cam Newtons 2010 record. Which broke Tim Tebow's 2007 record.

He's a freshman.

True.... freshman.



  1. Playing against stellar opponents as well. /sarcasm

    Manziel is 1-2 in big games, and while he had a memorable game against Alabama, he was 0-2 against Florida and LSU with 0 TDs and 3 interceptions for a terrible Passing Efficiency Rating of 103. If Klein was knocked out for his performance against Baylor, Manziel should have been KO’s early on. Consider that against the next best team on the schedule, 6-6 and currently 36 rated Ole Miss, Manziel had 1 TD and 2 interceptions for a passing efficiency rating of 125. The rest of his stats were built against teams entirely out of the top 50. Overall his performance against top teams were less than pedestrian: 3 touchdowns, 4 interceptions for an average PE rating of 124. Texas A&M played just two other FBS schools with a winning record, Mississippi State and Louisiana Tech (do they really qualify?.)

    While Manziel has a very good season, it's been a relatively good season. He's 14th in passing yards, 18th in passing efficiency, 8th in completion percentage, 16th in YPA and 24th in TDs. To give you an idea of his relative performance, he is only 4th in his own conference in passing efficiency rating. If you count just FBS schools, which I would argue any voter should, Manziel has only 18 TDs vs. 7 interceptions. Pedestrian, not Heisman worthy.

  2. Hey Jake. Nice job of misrepresenting facts and leaving out a ton of pertinent and relevant information.

    Against Mississippi Johnny did have 1 passing TD and 2 INTs, but you seem to forget that the TD was the game winning pass in the final 2 minutes. You also left out the fact that he rushed for 129 yards and a TD.

    Also, you failed to mention that the Aggies played 6 ranked teams. Mississippi was ranked when they played, as was La Tech. Mississippi State was and is still ranked in the top 20. So Johnny's record in games vs. ranked teams is actually 4-2. Furthermore, if you look a the numbers, Johnny's individual yardage totals are more than a significant number of Division 1 TEAMS. Not other individuals, but entire TEAMS.

    Oh, and he happens to have accounted for more yardage this season than any player in SEC history has ever compiled. While 2 of the games were against Non-BCS caliber opponents, he only played half of each of those games. The other 10 games were against either conference opponents in the vaunted SEC or versus ranked opponents.

    So, upon further review, take off your burnt orange tinted glasses and wake up- Johnny Football deserves the Heisman Trophy. He had a record breaking season, he guided the Aggies to a Top 10 ranking, and he surprised the football world by making Texas A&M competitive in the SEC in their ignaural season.