Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"There's Crab To Catch..."

The sun came up... and everything wonderful about my life is the same.

And every problem facing America, is still there.

The mob has spoken, and they said overwhelmingly - by 2% of the voting population - that they want Obama to have one more crack at fixing those problems.

Good luck.

I refuse to buy into the doom and gloom. This is not because I am naive. I'm just a rugged optimist.

Does it suck? Oh yeah. Sure does. Big time.

But you know what, there's crab to catch. So you just gotta get back out on deck and get working.

In life, you don't get to wake up and choose the weather. You just have to deal with what it is, for how long it lasts.

And so too, with this.

I have some stray thoughts on how to better "trim up" our "team" so we can start winning again. But right now, they are loose and scattered. Maybe this time next week, they will have congealed in my brain and I'll share them here.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with Lt. Dan on the mast of the Jenny.

"You call this a storm? It's time for a showdown. You.. and me...."


  1. At least here in Texas we Elected Ted Cruz to the Senate...

    In his victory speech in Houston, Cruz called for a return to the "common sense conservative principles" of Ronald Reagan and pledged to be a champion for small businesses and entrepreneurs. "It was morning in America," when Reagan was elected president in 1980, Cruz told supporters, "and it can be again."

  2. Great comment Sonny. I would also add that Team Elephant needs to do a better job of explaining to blacks and latinos how their philosophy is actually better for them, than that of Team Donkey. For too long these groups have been unquestionably in the pocket of the Dems, with the assumption that this is the party that knows how to help them, and "cares" more about them.

    I was touched by the 8 minute "Conservatism is Calling" Youtube video you posted a few days ago Czabe, and that's exactly the message that needs to be spread - to all races and groups. We may lose elections, but in the battle of ideals I don't think the answer could be any more clear as to the right path for our nation. Last night hurt, and it hurt bad, but we must not despair.

  3. The democrat turnout did what I suspected, but I fully expected the GOP to turn out a few million more than McCain did. They actually turned out a few million fewer voters than McCain did.

    Can't believe exit polls showed Obama's quick visit with Chris Christie after Sandy made them choose Obama. Romney was leading and gaining steam prior to the hurricane.

    Here comes Taxmageddon. And the GOP better change their social stance fast (though it may be too late) Need to be more moderate on abortion, gay marriage, pot, yet still stay fiscally conservative and try to educate people on basic economics...though that is tough to do. Rush said it perfect..."hard to compete with Santa Claus"

  4. When will you start putting up the "Pix of the Day". I know we can archive the older ones, but new ones would be entertaining.

  5. Conservatism as a national political ideology is dead. Period. Not because it is flawed but because of the voting population. Decades of indoctrination by the public school system and a complicit media have paid off for the progressive movement. In four more years the strangle hold of an entitlement government will have an even stronger grip on the majority of people in this country. Vast blocks of voters will protect the handouts they should never have gotten by electing the politicians who promise the most without any regard for their ability to deliver.

    Rush Limbaugh said it best...

    In a nation of children, Santa Claus wins.

  6. To think that every person who voted for Obama is a moocher is the main reason why Republicans lost.

    I am a minority who makes far more than a lot of people and voted for Obama not because i am a moocher, but because i do not trust republicans with my well being.

    I watched fox news yesterday, when O'Reilly comes and says this is not traditional america anymore. So a highly educated person like me who came here long ago, worked hard, paid my taxes, donated to charity, am not part of 'Traditional America'. Simple in his opinion, Traditional America is only white. I wonder how Bobby Jindal, Haley Barbour and Herman Cain feel about that.

    Tell me how i should feel confident with my race and that comment? You want me to be part of the republican party? You got to work hard for my vote.

    1. You you idiot. You voted for Obama because you don't trust Republicans with your well being? And you're not a moocher? That is exactly what you are if you expect someone else to care for your well being.

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  8. There are plenty of affluent, well off middle income families that voted for Obama so I am not sure the 'Santa' argument really holds water here. Clearly handouts are not what propelled Obama to reelection. People rejected the hate and less than compassionate ways that many on the right view gay abortion, gay rights and immigration. If the right is truly for limited gov't then they should not want to gov't telling individuals who they can marry and what to do with their fetuses. With the economy being what it is and unemployment being as bad as it is this election should have been a cake walk for the GOP. Perhaps next time they will not force their candidate to bend so far to the right during the primary process in order to appease the fringe elements. That is where this election was lost.

  9. No, Srini, it's fine...the party you just voted for will continue to take from you anyway. You can get on their side and think they won't take, but they will. It's not about who "works for a vote", but rather "thanks for your vote, now here's your bill". Tax returns don't say D or R, they only say "you owe".

  10. "Tell me how i should feel confident with my race and that comment?"

    Should white people feel confident with a radical leftist who attended a lunatic church but lied about being there?

    Does his Spiritual Advisor like white people like me?

    You voted for him, so maybe you know.

  11. E Buzz - let's not start down whose religion is crazy. I'm sure if I did a quick google search I can find a few things "radical" and "lunacy" with the guy you voted for and his religion of choice. Actually i already did

    As for everyone's fear of being taxed more - yeah that's what happens when you do tax cuts and a war of choice (Iraq) without figuring out how to pay for it. So it's ok for a republican president to run up the credit card bill on his ideas but once a democrat wants to implement something like better health care access for most of the country, he's a communist crazy spending lunatic?

    As for our tax returns and how much we owe Uncle Sam,

    I would love to live in a country where roads, bridges, schools, sewers, etc modernize and expand relative to the size of the population FOR FREE like you GOPers suggest we pay in taxes (zero). It would be awesome if house fires put themselves out, soldiers went to war for free, and weather satellites run without any cost to the population. I suppose we can privatize everything and then leave it up to individuals to pay private companies for access to those services and infrastructure (need police to come, please make a check out to Donald Trump first).

    Of course the companies in charge of these foundational infrastructure would be more honest than the government we have now right? Those companies would also never raise their rates right?

    I'm not saying the democrat's theory of the running the country is better. I like to think there's the right balance between both parties. Republicans though seem to think the only answers to our challenges should come from them.

  12. Czabe, you hit the nail on the head on air this week. "The people get the government they deserve."

    And so we have.

    The simple reality is that those of us who want nothing more than an opportunity to shape our own destiny are now outnumbered by those who want to vote themselves handouts on someone else's dime.

    The gentleman you quoted regarding the government the people deserved had one that is perhaps even better: "The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers it can bribe the public with the public's money." How telling indeed.

    Part of me admires your optimism, but I must admit, I'm not sure how you can be. We continue to plunge deeper in debt. If we continue the path we are on, it will lead us to total economic collapse...and that's not a black, white, or latino problem. It's not a Jewish, Catholic, Mormon, or atheist problem. It's not a democrat or republican problem. It's an ALL OF US problem. Most troubling of all is that the vast majority of the general public has shown themselves to either be too uneducated to understand, or too lazy to care. Unfortunately for all of us who do, we will still have to suffer the consequences alongside all of them, and the only thing we will have left is our gigantic box full of "Well, I told ya so's."

  13. Thank you, Czabe, for keeping it level headed - I was in much the same boat you were that night (although I must admit my fitful sleep paled in comparison to the night the Colts lost Super Bowl 44); however, I've come to take the long view on this. In spite of the following:

    1. A ground game that was self-touted by the D's as (paraphrasing) unprecedented and not otherwise known by mankind;

    2. A multi-billion dollar onslaught of negative attack ads that characterized Gov. Romney as a felon (verbatim), murder (implied), and social pariah; and

    3. A media and pop culture establishment that was 110% dedicated to propagation of the Obama myth;

    They were only able to eek out the narrowest of wins and have, in their ruinous wake, left the country more divided than when they started.

    It seems odd to think now, but before Reagan rode onto the scene we wandered in the wilderness much like we are now. Goldwater's quixotic, ahead-of-its-time campaign in 1964 set the popular narrative of Republicans as lunatics, and Watergate subsequently left us decimated as a party. Liberals (real, genuine crazy liberals, mind you, not the Harry Reid weenie types who run around now) were in charge, and "moderate" Republicans such as Lowell Weicker and Nelson Rockefeller IN LEADERSHIP POSITIONS made Lindsey Graham look like Jim DeMint.

    In eight short years Dutch shaped the party to his image, and thus ushered in an entire generation of conservatism (in spite of his many failings, Slick Willie campaigned and acted like a conservative, don't let anyone tell you otherwise) that didn't take a real hit from the left until 2006. 2010 showed flashes of that passion again, however briefly, and all it will take is the right leader to harness that power and usher in a new renaissance of the movement. The ideals of conservatism, after all, are universal and eternal, and will not fade into the past.

  14. Freedom has been turned into freebies.

    Go Obama phone. Go 75 people on food stamps for every 1 job. Go socialized health care (DMV anyone?). Go 99-weeks of unemployment. Why work when "the only thing we belong to is government".

  15. Is it racist to bring up the fact that 93% of blacks voted for Obama? That's unfreaking believable, and had 93% of whites voted for Romney we would never heard the end of the 'racist' chants. Yet the fact that nearly all blacks vote for Obama hardly raises an eyebrow.

  16. Race is only the taboo third rail of our overly politically correct society if you're white. All other ethnic groups have carte blanche to be however over the top and inappropriate as they desire. It's a tired excuse shouted out when someone gets painted into a corner with fact based opinion.

    e.g. "Obama's socialist beliefs of redistribution of wealth and government spending to 'stimulate' job growth demonstrate his ineptitude in dealing with basic economics."

    "RACIST! RACIST! Why do you have to call the black man stupid??? Because you're a RACIST!"

    Fine. Great take. As Czabe is fond of pointing out, in the battle of facts vs. volume, volume wins out.

  17. Rev Wright is in fact a racist lunatic.

    He runs a racist lunatic church, that our president attended, then lied about attending.

    Rev Wright is a racist. That church has also hosted other insane racists.

    So as a white guy, I should simply ignore that? Does any of what Mr. Obama heard impact his actions as President? Should I also not have that thought?

    It's a two way street.

    Liberals are more and more becoming the thought police.

    Disturbing, but it has happened before in the Soviet Union, North Korea, Cuba, Cambodia and other left wing societies.

    But I should also not see the correlation, because that too is racist, and I really should be for social justice.

    Ok, so what happens in Libya now?

    What happened with Solyndra?

    To say that these questions are racist is so fucking sick.

    Democrats thrive financially on division, obviously.

  18. E BUZZ - As Louis CK stated about being a white male, 'this shit is good.' We're still going to have better opportunities for jobs, advancement and overall growth than a black man ever will in our lifetime.

    Quit acting like we're turning into a minority, we've had it great for 2000 years as whites. If Doc Brown took me to any time period, I would be okay. A black man? Not so much.

    -Besides, the banks run this country, not whichever Rep-Dem puppet is elected. The 2 party system is now here as a distraction-diversion from that real problems. Divide and conquer at its best.