Sunday, November 4, 2012

Not The Kind of Evaluation He's Gonna Like

With 12:47 left in Sunday's "Homecoming" game against the 1-6 Panthers, the roof fell in on this Redskins season, and perhaps the entire Shanahan regime in Washington.

Already struggling mightily to score points - they had 6 at the moment - the known Achilles heel, the defense, gave up a monster strike of 82 yards from Cam Newton to Armanti Edwards.

Two plays later, Josh Wilson was called for an easy pass interference in the end zone, and proceeded to argue, whine, and moan about it to the referee. It was enough that he was eventually forced to sprint off the field for the Skins to get their "heavy" package into the game for the Panthers new set of downs at the one.

Newton and Panthers went quick-snap QB keeper, and Newton plunged into the end zone with minimal resistance.

21-6. Season, over.

Watching the replay on NFL Network, Deion Sanders directly criticized embattled team loudmouth DeAngelo Hall for letting Edwards go on the "wheel route" that resulted in the game clinching bomb.

I'll take Deion's word for it. He criticizes fellow cornerbacks about as often as Tom Coughlin smiles.

Of course, Hall will no doubt tell you it wasn't his fault. It never is.

And after the game Shanahan dropped a steaming turd into the punchbowl.

He said now was the part of the season where the coaching staff would be able to "evaluate" which players want to be here for the next several years.

Whoa! Wait. What?


Did you just say what we all think you just said? The 2013 "Regular Pre-Season" (as I like to call it) has begun?


No matter how much he'll fall back on his caveat of this team not being "statistically" out of it, and no matter if his statement is true, this is just something good coaches - or ones who fear for their paycheck - do NOT  do with 7 games left in the season.

Even more alarming, was how he said it. With a serene arrogance that he has come to perfect while here in Washington.

Sure, we know, Mike. This place was a flaming station wagon of fail when you were given that $35 million deal to save us.

But have you seen your record?

Yes, YOUR record.

I know your excuse list looks something like this...

1. Existing talent worse than I thought...
2. McNabb turned out to be a bum...
3. Injuries
4. Strike shortened off-season
5. Did mention injuries?
6. Getting screwed out of $18M in cap space...

But again, you are now 5-15..... AT HOME.

This is the place where your boss likes to drink away the losses in his suite, sometimes past midnight. You don't want him doing this.

That's 14-27 overall. You are now well behind the dreaded "Zorn Index" (12-20*) and Zorn deserves an * on that, because Vinny came in and essentially submarined the second season after 6 games by hiring the Bingo Caller.

And yet after a game like this, with the special little throwback uniforms, and the "good ol' Skins of yesteryear" on the field at halftime, this coach decides to throw in the towel?

I wasn't the only one stunned. Here, listen to Coach Dunge and Roidney Harrison on Football Night in America.

So now here we are. Season over. The defense is so bad - they came into the game allowing 314.3 net yards passing, which is the highest average per game in NFL history - you wonder how they can make it all the way to Christmas from this far out.

They are the most penalized team in the NFL.

Jackasses like Hall get coddled by the staff, not disciplined. Something that I am certain is eating through the lockeroom like fast spreading rot.

That leads to otherwise good guys like Wilson thinking it's fine to argue with the refs himself. Because, hey, the coaches kid, Kyle, ran 200 yards out of his way to berate some scab refs for a call that was bad, but had a very minimal outcome on the game.

There is no discipline, leadership, passion, or depth.

But there was Shanahan, calmly after this game taking a perfunctory "I've got to coach better" pill, before throwing his team under the bus with a sneer.

So you're gonna see who "wants" to be here for the next few years, eh?

How sure are you, that you'll be the one making that decision?

The "evaluation" which is now fully in motion, is an evaluation of you, and your entire regime.

I doubt you will enjoy it.


  1. Can this man complete a sentence without saying "obviously"

  2. You have a top 10 draft pick currently in your grasps and you'll hand it over to the St Louis Rams like a coke head with $20 to his dealer.

    Shanahan is the coaching equivalent of Haynesworth: all money, no substance.

    I'm sure Shanahan is as good as finding talent in deeper draft rounds as he is as evaluating the QB position. /show Shanny speaking highly of Rex at 3-1 last year.

  3. Blaming Shanahan for the Redskins' problems is a little like blaming Ronald McDonald for the menu at McDonalds. Neither one of them are really in charge.

  4. Why is Tanahan 'evaluating talent' now? Weren't they suppose to do this before the season started? What is training camp for... called it again - not buying into the Tanahan regime while all your radio colleagues were lapping it up. Can't wait to here the excuses this week...

  5. Refs even tried to give the game to the Redskins. Was he or wasn't he in bounds when the late hit on Griffin was called? Griffin was not in the "white" zone at all. Homer-calls abound at the Redskins Homer-coming. Go Panthers.

  6. The local media wants to drive shanny out of town. Czabe's new darling is Sean Payton. Lets get one after the other and drive them all away.

    Better still, lets get Zorn back.

  7. You know ... I never thought I would fondly remember my time as a Packer fan in the 1970's and 1980's ... horrible management, crappy coaches, and no talent on the field ... I hate to enjoy some one else's misery ... but you current situation makes those 2 decades of no hope somehow nostalgic ...

  8. Washington has pretty well proven themselves to be the epicenter of not being held accountable for your record. No coach / team / franchise more appropriately mirrors its surroundings.