Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm #7! Whoo Hoooo!

Okay, so it's just one dude out there, with one list, on one website.

But... I'll take it!

/calls agent
/plans holdout


  1. First of all, Dan Patrick does not have a "good-natured rivalry" with ESPN. There is genuine disdain between the two. They did everything they could to make sure he failed upon his departure from the network, and he takes their nose and shoves it directly into his big steaming pile of post-mothership (as he calls his former employer) success every chance he gets. Which on the one hand is funny, because watching ESPN take one on the chin is always satisfying, but at some point there's a tipping point of DP being overly self serving.

    Mike and Mike on the list at #2 is a joke. If I was given the choice of being woken up by a beautiful supermodel serving me breakfast in bed, followed by having to listen to Mike and Mike from start to finish, or having a rabid badger turned loose in my bed five minutes prior to my alarm going off, but after I fight him off, I get to listen to Czabe...well, I'd rather fight that pissed off frothing badger every morning than listen to the finger nails across the chalkboard that are Mike and Mike.

    At least the writer acknowledged that the number two ranking is much more about the power position of the morning drive slot at the Four Letter than it is the quality of the show, which is generally "cheesy."

  2. the guy got some right and others, well, that badger thing that Boiler referred to can't be topped.

    Dan Patrick asks good questions in interviews, but i can't get passed the painful 'danettes' interacting like school girls.

  3. You are #1 on my list, Czabe. Been listening to you for over 10 years on WTEM. The Sports Reporters is my favorite show in over 20 years of listening to sports radio. You guys have the perfect mix of news, humor and guy talk.

    Mike and Mike are awful. You won't find two bigger tools anywhere else on the dial. Worst shtick of all time. I avoid ESPN radio just as much as I do ESPN TV, although I do like SVP.

    Patrick is good, but IMO he has become a little bit smarmy over the years. I think he was at his best when Rob Dibble was his sidekick.

    I find myself listening to Mad Dog radio a lot lately. They have some decent shows.

    I also love Tony Bruno, although I don't think he has a national show anymore. He's still on in Philly.

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  5. Congrats Czabe! #1 on my list too. I know way too much about the Skins/Nats/Wiz/Caps than anyone in SE Wisc should thanks to you.
    M&M horrible. But typical Bristol crap. Just nonsense.
    DP was great once, not so sure anymore.

  6. Czabe has always been #1 in my book. Its because of him that I subscribe to XM! Listen to him on XM my way in to work and locally on 980AM on my way home. Miss Sheman and Washington along with Siciliano and Fernandez. Fox really "F" upped when they decided the deck needed to be shuffled. DP is good. Muck and Muck is God awful. Rome and his minions are just too robotic.

  7. Congrats, Czabe! Your segment on B&B is by far the best part of my morning commute... even better than the compulsory doughnut.

  8. Czabe is without peer. Patrick always finds a way to make each & every story about himself. I have been listening since the early/mid 90s. I believe it was One on One Sports. There is not a host that comes close. Tony Bruno is very funny, but Czabe is the best!

  9. I agree with all of the other posters. The same reasons he gives DP and M&M positive remarks are negative remarks from my perspective. Although seventh is good, no one here would blame you for secretly being annoyed you weren't ranked better.

    But that's part of makes you so good Czabe, you are not full of yourself like most of that list. Keep up the good work and don't ever become a turd like the guys ahead of you.

  10. Czabe will need a TV show. Rome has 2 now. Clones bang your monkey!