Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Welcome to The Czabe.com Cover5 NBA Leagues!

This is exciting, fun basketball for Laker fans.
If you are like me, you have an NBA team that is NOT one of David Stern's "chosen" franchises. You know, the ones in either warm climates, in states with no taxes, or major metropolitan cities with storied NBA legacies.

So we are the collective "non-meat" filler for Stern's Travelling Hardwood circus.

Well, do NOT despair my friends! Because Cover5 is going to make watching the NBA fun, and perhaps PROFITABLE!

Cover5 is expanding their games this year by offering NBA and College Basketball leagues. Sadly, you'll probably spend more time playing Cover5 than most players will playing defense.

Rules are simple:

Lines Come out Monday

The spreads are "estimates" that far out, so take that for what it's worth. Since Cover5 is not a casino, it doesn't matter if the line matches what it actually is by Friday.

Otherwise, there would be too many and it would be too difficult to track your scores and your friends. That's the problem with fantasy basketball and why so few people actually play it.

Games to Choose are only on Saturday -Sunday.

Same scoring system as Cover5 NFL.

There is a Cover5 Public league for you to join today or create your own private league so the winter months are more enjoyable this year!

I am going to get a "Public League" for you cheap-o's, and we can play for a Beer Tube. And if there's enough interest, how about we do a $50 "cash league" like football, with once again a limit of 30 entrants to match the NBA's total of teams.

Sound fun? Of course it does!



Here's the link to the Public FREE League....
Here's the link to the Czabe CASH $$$ League....

Go to www.cover5.com and click on NBA Leagues, and search for my name.

As easy as a Dwight Howard alley-oop from Steve Nash!

This is what I get to watch for 82 games.

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