Friday, November 2, 2012

The Nicktater Is A Joyless Enigma

But I can't seem to "hate" him.

I suppose it's because I am NOT a fan of another SEC program. Plus, you can't quibble with his dominance.

That said, it's now abundantly clear why his "act" - if you will - went over like a fart in an elevator when he was head coach of the Dolphins.

Millionaire adult players, aren't going to respond to a mope like this.

Here was the particularly DULL interview I referenced on the radio show this morning. Please don't watch this video while operating heavy machinery.


  1. Those dimples are the cutest thing - not Saban's pervs

  2. He's a lying douchebag. Great college coach but an abject failure in the NFL. He's a little bully with an oversized ego, just ask anyone who worked for the Dolphins during his reign of error (yeah, Daunte Culpepper is a much better qb than Drew Brees. That decision didn't send the franchise back too far). Go LSU and anyone else who plays Bama. I always liked Bama before Nick, but I despise them now with the heat of a million suns. Fuck the Nicktator, douchetard.

  3. I love bitter Dolphin fans (whiny bitches from Long Island).

  4. Honestly, I never noticed that Nick Saban was in that video?

  5. Steele should've given viewers a little leg and breast. Viking QB Ponder is a lucky dude.